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Message for post-doc applicants

We welcome applications for post-doc research positions. Both of us (Prof. Ebisawa and Dr. Tsujimoto) spent a long time as researchers abroad (US and Switzerland). We are fully aware that the post-doc period is most productive in one's research career. We also understand that post-docs are the working horses of research activities in a research group, and thereby stimulate us. We expect post-docs to pursue their own research by themselves. However, if you want to expand your fields beyond your Ph.D. thesis, we are willing to provide advice.

In space astronomy, it is important to match your career profile with that of the projects. Our group members are deeply involved in several international space projects lead by JAXA as shown below. They are in a variety of phases in the near future. You can get involved in any of them and gain different experience in different phases.

Many more activities are taking place at ISAS, including X-ray, infrared, and radio astronomy, solar physics, explorations of solar system bodies, in the same building. This level of concentration is unique in the world. Our group members also use other ground- and space-based observatories as guest observers. We hope these will provide you an ideal environment and opportunities to develop your career.


We do not have post-doc programs of our own lab. However, you can find many opportunities such as follows based on ISAS career plan. JAXA also offers other employment opportunities, some of which are related to astronomy projects. If you are thinking for an application, please contact us.


The table below lists the post-doc researchers that we have hosted or are hosting currently.

Name Period Origin Program
丹波 翼 2023/4-2024/3 東京大学 学術振興会特別研究員
金丸 喜朗 2023/4- 宮崎大学 JAXAプロジェクト研究員
小川 翔司 2023/4- 京都大学 JAXAプロジェクト研究員
中平 聡志 2019/7-2021/5 理化学研究所 JAXA招聘職員
菅原 泰晴 2016/4-2021/6 中央大学 JAXA招聘職員
中川 友進 2013/4-2016/3 早稲田大学 JAXAプロジェクト研究員
鮫島 寛明 2012/4-2015/3 東京大学 学術振興会特別研究員