Misasa Deep Space Station is a ground station for deep space probes constructed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). It is a facility of Usuda Deep Space Center and is operated by Space Tracking and Communications Center. Please note that it does not accept tours. There is a tour facility at Usuda Deep Space Cener, so please use that.

Nearest station: JR Sakudaira station

When you go through the ticket gate of JR Sakudaira station and go to the right, there is a place where you can see Mt.Tateshina. You can find visually Misasa Deep Space Station on the mountainside in the southwest direction from there.
The photos below are taken from there.
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Landscape from Sakudaira station in the southwest direction

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Enlarged version of the yellow circle in the photo above


Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Misasa Deep Space Station
1905-43, Tateshina, Maeyama, Saku city, Nagano prefecture, 385-0046, Japan (Google Map)


There is no public transportation to MDSS. Therefore, it is only accessible by car.

Parking lot for Visitors

There is a parking lot for visitors managed by Saku City about 100m above the entrance of the MDSS. If you are looking at the antenna, please use it without parking on the street. About 7 passenger cars can be parked.
Map (Google Map)