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December 18 [updated] Akatsuki's IR2 successfully visualizes fine-scale undulations of Venus clouds!
December 15 [updated] Antarctica and surroundings imaged by HAYABUSA2
December 14 [updated] Hayabusa2 Earth Swing-by Result
December 11 [updated] open new window Launch of X-ray Astronomy Satellite "ASTRO-H" by H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 30
December 9 [updated] Venus Climate Orbiter ďAKATSUKIĀEInserted Into Venus' Orbit
October 23 [updated] Suzaku satellite reveals the average chemical composition of our Universe on the largest scales to be the same as that of our Sun
October 9 [updated] Hayabusa2's target asteroid is now named (162173) Ryugu!
September 1 [updated] open new window First Sounding Rocket Experiment in JFY 2015
August 28 [updated] Hinode, IRIS, and ATERUI Cooperate on 70 year old Solar Mystery: Magnetically driven resonance helps heat the Sunís atmosphere!
August 26 [updated] open new window X-ray Astronomy Satellite ďSuzakuĀECompletes Scientific Mission
August 26 [updated] Server Maintenance Info
August 14 [updated] Letís name the asteroid "1999 JU3", the destination of the ďHayabusa2ĀE
June 29 [updated] Study on the impact of sunlight on ozone in the atmosphere using solar eclipses
April 23 [updated]  open new window "AKEBONO" Operation Completed
April 10 [updated] High Resolution Far-Infrared All-Sky Image Data Released ー New observation data from infrared astronomical satellite AKARI have become available for world-wide researchers.
March 27 [updated] Galaxy Scale Outflow of Matter Stimulated by a Monster Black-hole
March 25 [updated] Aurora Explosion on Jupiter caused by High-speed Rotation
February 6 [updated]  open new window Venus Climate Orbiter ďAKATSUKIĀE Re-injection to Venus Orbit and Observation Plan