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HINODE Operation Remarks list

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Remarks 0001

Hinode eclipse season

Remarks 0002

Sac Peak campaignG Dunn Solar Telescope: morphological and dynamical behavior of the magnetic field in the QS chromosphere* priority is given to AR observation

Remarks 0003

Joint Hinode/RHESSI Study of Chromospheric Evaporation (target of opportunity)

Remarks 0004

SOT CCD bakeout

Remarks 0005

HOP15 Helioseismology observations with SOT

Remarks 0006

TOO: HOP 0018 Determination of the Basic Plasma Parameters and Their Possible Variations within Solar Atmospheric Loops

Remarks 0007

TOO: HOP0019 - a) Search for fast magnetoacoustic waves in active region loops & b) Loop density measurement

Remarks 0008

HOP21: Determination of the properties of families of solar granules and formation of the photospheric network

Remarks 0009

HOP25 observing plan - requested

Remarks 0010

SOLAR eclipses (by moon passage)

Remarks 0011

New year operation holidays

Remarks 0012

SSOC power outage at ISAS Sagamihara compus

Remarks 0013

Solar eclipse (by moon)

Remarks 0014

Core Team Observing Month

Remarks 0015

Hinode Eclipse season in 2008

Remarks 0016


Remarks 0017

FYI: IBIS/DST - SOT (impromptu) coordination

Remarks 0018

Hinode solar eclipse (moon passage)

Remarks 0019

EIS Grating focus

Remarks 0020

2008-2009 YE-YB Operation: EIS-led Explosive Events

Remarks 0021


Remarks 0022

Solar eclipses (by moon)

Remarks 0023

XRT X-ray star observation

Remarks 0024

Hinode-SUMER campaign in 2009 April

Remarks 0025

SOT/EIT Coordination: High Cadence Multi-Wavelength Study of Quiet Sun Supergranular EUV Brightenings

Remarks 0026

XRT Bake Out - scheduled

Remarks 0027

SUNRISE launch window

Remarks 0028

HOP121 CORONAS campagn period

Remarks 0029

Dry run of HOP 122: OP upload

Remarks 0030

Observing program at DOT to be conducted through HOP73 (2nd priority to HOP126)

Remarks 0031

SOT: Hinode IBIS/DST support period

Remarks 0032

Partial and Annular eclipses viewed from Hinode

Remarks 0033

SDO/EVE calibration rocket launch

Remarks 0034

Venus transit

Remarks 0035

SUMER Penultimate Campaign

Remarks 0036

Coordinated sunspots observations with the GREGOR Solar Telescope and the Vacuum Tower Telescope

Remarks 0037

Solar Eclipse (Australia)

Remarks 0038

EIS Software Lord

Remarks 0039

window for HOP 188 ToO operation: Joint Solar Flare Observations with ROSA and IBIS

Remarks 0040

HOP81; 2 days during the window

Remarks 0041

TBD: HOP217 48hr continuous run

Remarks 0042

HOP 219 - coordinated observation with THEMIS and Meudon

Remarks 0043

HOP 228 - EUV/X ray jets, 3 days in this window, 3 hrs per day

Remarks 0044

Test month of new planning. i.e., continuous/staring mode or alternate planning schedule

Remarks 0045

"Focused" Mode Operation

Remarks 0046

Annular eclipse at Antarctica (29-Apr-2014)

Remarks 0047

Annlar Eclipse for Hinode (2014/10/24)

Remarks 0048

EIS Bake Out

Remarks 0049

ALMA-C4 campaign

Remarks 0050

IRIS: limb-to-limb tracking of a quiet sun region

Remarks 0051

ALMA-C5 campaign

Remarks 0052

MW rotation speed reset

Remarks 0053

SUVI/GOES off-point observations

Remarks 0054

Solar partial eclipse

Remarks 0055


Remarks 0056

Solar Orbiter Coordination

Remarks 0057

EVE rocket launch

Remarks 0058

Hinode OFF-LINE in S/H modes

Remarks 0059

Stereo high telemetry campaign

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