OMOTENASHIは、2022年2月以降に打ち上げ予定のNASA SLSロケットに相乗りするCubeSatです。質量12.6kg、6Uサイズで、月面への着陸を目指します。
OMOTENASHI is a CubeSat which will be launced by NASA SLS rocket after 2020. Its total mass is 12.6 kg, size is 6U. It plans to land on the moon surface.

OMOTENASHIは2022/11/16打ち上げ後、月着陸技術実証実験(DV2)のリミットである11/22 2:00JSTまでに通信が確立できずDV2運用実施は出来ないと判断しました。
不具合の原因究明に関してはLatest Newsにあるリンクからご覧ください。
OMOTENASHI will not be able to perform the DV2 operation after the launch on November 16, 2022, because we couldn't establish communication link by 2:00 JST on November 22, 2022, the limit for the lunar landing Demonstration Test (DV2). Although we will not be able to accomplish the lunar landing, we continue the restoration work for the other missions that can be run while the spacecraft is in flight, such as radiation environment measurement outside the Earth's magnetosphere and other technological demonstrations other than the lunar landing. For more information on the cause investigations, please refer to the link in Latest News.

Ham Radio Information of OMOTENASHI