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What does space science bring us?
It does not merely unravel the mysteries of the universe.
The desire to understand the vast universe surrounding the earth is in fact the quest to understand the earth we live on.
More specifically, space science helps us solve environmental problems on earth, and also helps us create future technologies and industries.
Space science is also closely linked to the nurturing of next-generation human resources to assist the progress of human society and contribute to international society.
Recognizing this background and its implications, ISAS conducts a variety of research activities.


Tackling some of the mysteries of the universe using scientific satellites and explorers, we are contributing to the progress of humankind.


For over 40 years we have developed all-stage solid-propellant rockets based on Japanese original technology.

Scientific Ballooning

Balloons are an indispensable flight vehicle to conduct scientific observations and space engineering experiments.

Space Science

With satellites, sounding rockets and balloons, we continue to tackle the mysteries of space, the solar system and near-earth space.

Space Technology

We conduct a wide range of research and experiments to perform cutting-edge observations and planetary explorations.

Space Biology and Microgravity Science

This is a new discipline to address scientific issues using the unique features of the space environment.