ISASニュース 1996.9 No.186


"You are in Japan"

Boris V. Novozhilov

 The following is from the diary of a man who has been living in Russia all his life and visited Japan three times when he was over sixty. He became attached to Japan at a glance, however, a lot of noteworthy and very right things were firstly rather strange for him.

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 ...We, Prof. M. Kohno and I, are returning from a scientific trip. I buy nama-biiru and the shop-girl should give me 490 change, I see she has a palm of coins fairly enough to give me the sum. Instead of that, the girl begins to ask and explain me I do not know what. I hear a lot of sumimasen. At last I think out to show her my palm with coins She takes 10 and gives me a coin of 500. I am surprised why she did not give me the change at once. Prof. M. Kohno says:
 "The girl does not want you to be aggravated by nine coins."
And then he adds:
 "You are in Japan, Boris!"
 ...Never had I such favourable conditions for living and working. The lodge is only about fifty meters from my office. My room is very comfortable. The office, PC, the library at any time... Saori-san and Rumiko-san are well disposed to me and help me very much.
 ...Only two or three times I saw blind people, but every pavement has a special yellow goffered path and a blind person is able to reach any place he wants using this path, for example, to catch a train.
 ...I am in Japan.
 ...When children go to school or return home, special persons with bright flags necessarily stay at each cross-roads to achieve safety.
 ...Our work goes on. It is very interesting to discuss some practical problems with Prof. M. Kohno and H. Maruizumi san. Young Dr. Toru Shimada is a very skilled researcher.
 ...At an evening I was walking along the street near the Fuchinobe Park. Suddenly, I heard a signal of a bus stopped close to me. The bus stop was in the distance about fifty meters, but the driver thought that I would not be there in time and wanted to help me. Amazed I could only say;
 "Arigatoo, I am Walking."
 ...Watashi wa Nippon ni imasu.
 ...All dogs are on leads. What is more, their masters always have tools in order to clean the ground after pets. Shinjiraremasen!
 ...There are a great number of combustion problems we intend to solve: nonlinear response functions, erosive burning of highly metallized propellants in large scale motors, gasless combustion behind the stability boundary. I am lucky, maybe we will be able to use a supercomputer.
 ...In the morning, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays, Sagamihara looks like a stadium.
 Both children and adults run, play tennis or baseball, visit sport grounds and pools. As a result, the average length of life in Japan is one of the highest in the world.

 ...We had our joint presentation at 20th International Symposium on Space Technology and Science in Gifu. I think our theoretical study of nonlinear effects during propellant combustion should be continued.
 ...How many places and cities M. Kohno-sensei, H. Maruizumi-san and T. Akatsu-san have shown me! Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagasaki, Kyoto, Himeji, Minamata... The list is too large.
 ...Practically, it is impossible to see a young giving up his place in a bus or train to old persons (and a girl as well !).
 ...Yes, you are in Japan.
 ...What a nice place Sagamino is! They all are very friendly. The same in the coop, lodge, cafeteria, seven-eleven, in the street. I try to speak Nippon-go with the ISAS guards.

 ...The whole day in Kamakura city with my friends.
Ureshii desu.
 ...The small seminar on erosive burning of solid rocket propellants. Again I am able to work together with young researchers. It is impossible in Russia now.  ...The farewell party in the Fuchinobe park....
 ...The way to Narita...
 ...Arigatoo, Japan.

August 15, 1996

 Prof. Novozhilov is professor of Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow. He is a world famous combustion scientist, especially by the theory of nonsteady propellant combustion, Zeldovich-Novozhilov theory. He was invited to ISAS as a visiting researcher in 1994 and in 1996. He has made a contribution to the development of M-V by participating in solving the problems with respect to the combustion stability and erosive burning of highly aluminized propellants in large scale solid rocket motors.

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