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HOP 0440

Magnetic evolution inside coronal holes

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 name : Schmit @  e-mail : schmitd[at]colorado.edu

contact person in HINODE team

 name : DeRosa, Shine @  e-mail : derosa[at]lmsal.com, shine[at]lmsal.com

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective: Understand the magnetic evolution of coronal holes

Scientific Justification: These observations will support an LWS-funded project to study the effects of high resolution magnetograms (as compared to HMI) on the coronal dynamics in a time-dependent data-driven MHD model. The preferred target is a low latitude coronal hole or polar coronal hole extension near disk center. We need large FOV (40"x60"), high cadence (<12m), and long duration (>4 hours) timeseries of SP scans. The SP data will be inverted using SIR.

 request to SOT
We request that Hinode SP conduct repeating 46"x60" scans similar to this dataset (https://www.lmsal.com/hek/hcr?cmd=view-event&event-id=ivo://sot.lmsal.com/VOEvent%23VOEvent_ObsSP2016-01-05T11:19:39.376.xml). I believe that dataset has 5.5 minutes of dwell time between scans, which I hope could be eliminated or reduced. Please use rotation tracking.

 request to XRT

 request to EIS

 other participating instruments
IRIS requests: None

Additional instrument coordination:
AIA should not be running calibration maneuvers.

Previous HOPs: None

Additional remarks:
Thank you for your help!

Dates: ToO

Time window: It is highly preferable for modeling to not have any temporal gaps in the data.

Target(s) of interest: The target is a low latitude coronal hole or polar hole extension. Please observe near/across the boundary nearest to the central meridian. Quiet sun data would also be useful but the best targets (long lived equatorial coronal holes) are only available a fraction of the time (5-10%).

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