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HOP 0438

Jets at the base of Solar Coronal Plumes

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 name : Kumar, Cho, Yurchyshyn @  e-mail : ptomar2006[at]gmail.com

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Savage, Watanabe, De Pontieu @  e-mail : sabrina.savage[at]nasa.gov, watanabe.tetsuya[at]nao.ac.jp, bdp[at]lmsal.com

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective: Our aim is to understand the energy build-up and release process in jets at the base of plumes.

Scientific Justification: Coronal plumes are long, ray-like, open structures, which have been considered as possible sources for the solar wind. Their origin in the largely unipolar coronal holes has long been a mystery. Earlier spectroscopic and imaging observations revealed blue-shifted plasma and propagating disturbances (PDs) in plumes that are widely interpreted in terms of flows and/or propagating slow-mode waves, but these interpretations (flows vs waves) remain under debate.

Recent studies (e.g., Kumar et al. 2022) have revealed numerous, quasiperiodic (P~5 min), tiny jets (so-called jetlets) associated with transient brightening, flows, and plasma heating at the chromospheric footpoints of the plumes. Our aim to observe the base of the plumes using high-resolution BBSO/GST, IRIS and Hinode SOT, EIS observations simultaneously.

 request to SOT
(revised on June 23, 2022)

100"x100" fast maps of the region of interest, repeated as many times as is feasible during the observation time window.

 request to XRT
XRT:  Ti/poly or Al/poly,  FOV 256"x256", 12-s cadence (if possible)

The purpose is to observe the X-ray signatures of the tiny energy-release (nanoflare) associated with jetlets at the base of the plume.

 request to EIS
Spectral line pairs (Si X & S X or Ar XIV and Ca XIV) for abundance

Sit & Stare mode (Fe XII), slit along the plume (starting from the base), 12-s cadence

The purpose is to have Doppler velocity (LOS) along the plume.

 other participating instruments
IRIS requests:
3620259603  |  Large sit-and-stare 0.3x120 1s  Si IV Deep x 8  FUV spectrally rebinne  |       9.58    |      11.84    |      0.84     |  9.6+/-0.0 |  9.6+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0 |  9.6+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0

Lower datarate alternative:
3620259602  |  Medium sit-and-stare 0.3x60 1s  Si IV Deep x 8  FUV spectrally rebinne  |       9.52    |       4.88    |      0.35     |  9.5+/-0.0 |  9.5+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0 |  9.5+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0


Dates: (1) We will have coordinated BBSO/GST during 6/23/2022-6/25/2022 (3 days)- Jets at the base of plumes. (2) Minimum number of days=1 (3) three consecutive days are desired, but not required

Time window: (1) minimum duration=3 hours, 18 UT-22 UT (2) No

Target(s) of interest: (1) Equatorial coronal holes, active region fan loops

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