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HOP 0430

Bright Points study with Solar Orbiter

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 name : Fludra @  e-mail : andrzej.fludra[at]stfc.ac.uk

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Matthews, Culhane @  e-mail : sarah.matthews[at]ucl.ac.uk, j.culhane[at]ucl.ac.uk

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective: Detect and track the evolution of quiet Sun bright points across the entire temperature range from the chromosphere to the corona, using EUV and magnetic field observations.

Scientific Justification: Solar Orbiter SPICE team has discovered 'beacons' in the SPICE quiet Sun data - they are very bright, compact sources at transition region temperatures which were found to be located under the coronal bright points  (Fludra at al.  2021, A&A, 656, A38). This observing program aims to detect more beacons/bright points across the entire temperature range from the chromosphere to the corona,  using Solar Orbiter SPICE, EUI and PHI, and other space instruments, and track evolution of bright points to understand their magnetic field structure and thermal EUV emission, and explain extremely high
intensities of the transition region lines.

 request to SOT
One or two (as telemetry allows) 320"-wide fast maps from SOT-SP during the observation interval, 08:10 to 14:10 UTC on March 8, 2022. Each map is expected to take about an hour and represents ~0.6 Gbits of telemetry.   Preferable scheduling during the first two hours after 08:10 UTC on March 8.

 request to XRT

 request to EIS
DHB_0007_V3    (repeat 6 times)
RASTER:           Scanning
SLIT:             2"
FOV:              494"x512"
VOLUME:           153 Mbits
RATE:             37 kbits/s

 other participating instruments
IRIS requests:
3600106077  |  Very large dense 320-step raster 105.3x175 320s   Deep x 4 Spatial x 2  |    1666.32    |    2476.28    |      1.01     |  5.2+/-0.1 | 1666+/-0   | 20.8+/-0.0 | 20.8+/-0.0 | 20.8+/-0.0 | 20.8+/-0.0


Dates: 8 March 2022

Time window: 08:10 to 14:10 UTC.
This entire time interval is coordinated between all participating space instruments: Solar Orbiter SPICE, EUI and PHI, SDO AIA and HMI, IRIS,  Hinode EIS and SOT.

Target(s) of interest: Quiet sun near disk centre.
Hinode pointing: Carrington coordinates: 350.70 degrees longitude, -2.03 degrees latitude.

For Hinode, those coordinates give 31h W, 88h N.
The program should be run regardless of what is in the field of view.

Previous HOPs: None

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