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HOP 0417

Observation of small-scale structures in coronal holes with Hinode/EIS, IRIS & GREGOR

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 name : Schwanitz, Harra @  e-mail : conradsc[at]phys.ethz.ch, louise.harra[at]pmodwrc.ch

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Matthews, Culhane @  e-mail : sarah.matthews[at]ucl.ac.uk, j.culhane[at]ucl.ac.uk

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective: The target of this study is the observation of small-scale structures with a full coverage by photospheric, chromospheric and coronal instruments.

Scientific Justification: The key idea of this proposal is to improve the understanding of small-scale structures, which cause upflows in the solar corona. They are seen as small blue-shifts in Hinode/EIS data and show only small brightenings or faint eruptions in imaging data. The additional use of the ground-based GREGOR telescope will provide full coverage of those coronal features down till the photosphere. This could help to detect potential underlying mechanisms and their behaviour through different depths for individual events.

The relevance of small features increased strongly after the discovery of campfires in Solar Orbiter EUI data and small fluctuations in the solar wind detected by Parker Solar Probe. This study will help to prepare for prospective combined observing missions with Solar Orbiter.

 request to SOT

 request to XRT

 request to EIS
EIS requests:
ACRONYM:  iiap_ch_ctxt_v2
TARGET        : Coronal Hole.
RASTER TYPE   : Scanning
SLIT          : 2"
# of pointings: 59
DATA volume   : 86 Mbits  
LINES         : Fe X, Fe XII, Ca XVII, Fe XII, Fe XIII, Fe XIII, He II

 other participating instruments
IRIS requests:
3620108061  |  Large coarse 64-step raster 126x120 64s   Deep x 8 Spatial x 2, Spectr  |     586.42 |253.62    |      0.29     |  9.2+/-0.1 |  586+/-0 | 36.7+/-0.0 | 36.7+/-0.0 | 36.7+/-0.0 | 36.7+/-0.0

GREGOR telescope, Teneriffe; coordination is organised independently.

Dates: 10th-14th & 17th-21th May are assigned observation time for GREGOR
          10th-13th & 18th-19th May are available observation times for IRIS

Time window: each day 9:00-12:00 CEST, 07-10 UT; short interruptions are allowed.

Target(s) of interest: coronal holes and coronal hole boundaries; can be either polar or equatorial.

Previous HOPs:
This HOP is motivated by our previous HOP 403, where the analysis is work in progress and motivated us to involve GREGOR.

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