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HOP 0403

Spacious Coronal Jet observation around Coronal Holes

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 name : Schwanitz, Harra @  e-mail : conradsc[at]ethz.ch, louise.harra[at]pmodwrc.ch

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Savage, Watanabe, De Pontieu @  e-mail : sabrina.savage[at]nasa.gov, watanabe.tetsuya[at]nao.ac.jp, bdp[at]lmsal.com

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective:
The main objective is to search for a type of rare Coronal Jets in a large FOV of EIS with a mosaic of coarse IRIS rasters to have higher chance of having an overlap.

Scientific Justification:
The key idea of this iHOP is to give a better understanding of blue-shifted plasma in coronal holes. As well as the common coronal jets, it has been observed that a large number of jets, called stealth jets are missed in pure imagery data detections. However, they leave traces in spectroscopic data and the derived doppler velocity maps. The core idea of the study is to search for stealth jets and other blue-shift traces in the corona that are not related to standard jets. The purpose is to find potential causes for those events and the frequency of them. Unfortunately, no study of overlapping EIS and IRIS data has been run for a long time-scale with the required cadence. Executing the proposed study could help to gain knowledge about coronal jets on the smallest scale and their triggering mechanisms, which is of key importance to Solar Orbiter and PSP science.

 request to SOT

 request to XRT
Movies appropriate to catch X-ray jets - can be the normal HOP81 studies

 request to EIS
as in HOP81_new_study:
TARGET : Coronal hole
RASTER : Scanning
SLIT : 2"
FOV : 322"x384"
DATA VOLUME : 140 Mbits (was 150 Mbits)
LINES : Fe VIII, Fe X, Fe XI, Fe XII, Fe XIII, He II, O V, Mg VI, Mg VII, Si VII, Si X, Fe IX, Fe XIV, FeXV, Fe XVI, S X, Ar XI

 other participating instruments
IRIS requests:
in consultation with Bart De Pontieu:
2*2 mosaic of: 3620108062 | Very large coarse 64-step raster 126x175 64s Deep x 8 Spatial x 2, S |

Dates: 24 hours of continuous observation are required

Time window: no time window in day required, short interruptions possible

Target(s) of interest: Coronal Hole and its boundaries, either on-disk or at limb

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