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HOP 0398

Height tomography and temporal evolution of the velocity structure within and next to magnetic bright points

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 name : Krikova, Utz @  e-mail : kilian.krikova[at]edu.uni-graz.at, dominik.utz[at]uni-graz.at

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Matthews, Culhane @  e-mail : sarah.matthews[at]ucl.ac.uk, j.culhane[at]ucl.ac.uk

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective: Ground-based SST campaign to study the velocity structure within magnetic bright points with support of Hinode and IRIS for detailed analysis of activity above the studied MBP structures through the solar atmosphere.

Scientific Justification:  Magnetic Bright Points (MBPs) are the smallest distinct magnetic field features to be resolvable in photo-heliograms (see e.g., Abramenko et al. 2010). Due to their magnetic field strength of more than 1 kG (see, Utz et al. 2013) and their often rather simple geometry (in the case of isolated MBPs a round cross-section shape can be assumed), they represent well the picture of isolated vertical flux tubes. Such flux tubes are thought to be good MHD wave guides (e.g., Aschwanden 2006) leading photospheric convective energy up into the higher atmospheric layers which can be studied with the Hinode and IRIS mission. This transported wave energy is a major ingredient in solving and going forward in the coronal, or more general, outer atmospheric heating problem.

 request to SOT
SOT/SP: Deep magnetogram mode
Sit and stare

 request to XRT
Filters: Al-mesh, Al-poly
Cadence: 1 min
Exposure: 8 sec
FOV: 395"  ~ 395"
Binning: 1~1 arcsec

 request to EIS
586 dhb_atlas_30x512
HPW023_fullccd_V2s2 - 30 repeats

Raster 1: mbp_small5min_kriki (small overview scan)
Raster 2: mbp_stare5min_kriki (sit-and-stare)
Raster 3: mbp_big4min_kriki (bigger overview scan, lower exposure time)

TARGET: quiet sun and coronal hole (boundary)
EXPOSURE TIME: 300s, 300s, 240s
SLIT: 1"
RASTER: Scan, sit-and-stare, Scan
NO. OF EXPOSURES: 11, 39sets, 22
FOV: 12"x512", 1"x512", 23"x512"
DURATION: 1h3m23s, 3h26m1s, 1h37m21s
DATA VOLUME: 26,25 Megabyte
DATA RATE: 9.5331 kBits/s

 other participating instruments
OBS-ID: three programs

07:30 until 07:55 overview scan (default compression, medium linelist, 1.13 Mbit/s) - 3620008864  | Large dense 96-step raster 31.35x120 96s  Si IV   Mg II h/k   Mg II w   |     917.86    |    1520.27    | 1.13     |  9.6+/-0.1 |  918+/-0   |  0.0+/-0.0 | 28.7+/-0.0 | 28.7+/-0.0 | 28.7+/-0.0  

~08:05 to 11:55 sit-and-stare (default compression, medium linelist, 1.13 Mbit/s) - 3620008803  |  Large sit-and-stare 0.3x120 1s  Si IV   Mg II h/k   Mg II w Deep x 8    |      28.68    |      47.51    |      1.13     |
9.6+/-0.1 |  9.6+/-0.1 |  0.0+/-0.0 | 28.7+/-0.0 | 28.7+/-0.0 | 28.7+/-0.0

12:05 until 12:30 fast scans (default compression, medium linelist, 1.06 Mbit/s) - 3620008817  |  Large dense 4-step raster 1x120 4s  Si IV   Mg II h/k   Mg II w Deep x  |      38.06    |      59.24    |      1.06     |  9.5+/-0.1 | 38.0+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0 | 38.1+/-0.0 | 38.1+/-0.0 | 38.1+/-0.0  with low telemetry option (spatial and spectral binning x2 in FUV and NUV)


1. 21.4.2020-28.4.2020 during the SST observing campaign
2. all 8 days would be best, but we take what we get
3. eight consecutive days are desired, but not required

Time window:
1.  From 07:30 UT to around 12:30 UT
2. Short interruptions are allowed

Target(s) of interest:  
1. Close to disk center quiet Sun, coronal hole if available and QS-CH boundary 2. Not a target of opportunit

Previous HOPs:  
No prior HOP submission

Worked with data from HOP 338 submitted by Dr. Dominik Utz which is PI of this SST campaign.

Krikova, K., Utz, D., Veronig, A. M., Gomory, P., Hofmeister S., Temmer, M. (2018). Dynamics and magnetic properties in a coronal hole using high-resolution multi-instrument solar observations. Book of Proceeding, p.31. Conference: Tenth Workshop "Solar Influences on the Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and

Krikova, K., Utz, D., Veronig, A. M., Hofmeister, S., Temmer, M., Gomory, P. and Holzknecht, L. Small-scale dynamics in a coronal-hole related to microflaring events. Submitted to CEAB Conference: XVIth Hvar Astrophysical Colloquium / ISEST 2018 Workshop

Palacios, J., Utz, D., Hofmeister, S., Krikova, K., M., Gomory, P., Kuckein, C., Balthasar, H., Denker, K., Verma, M., Gonzalez Manrique, S. J., Campos Rozo, J. I., Koza, J., Temmer, M., Veronig, A. M., Diercke, A., Kontogiannis, I., and Cid, C. Flux emergence evolution in a coronal hole. Submitted to Solar Physics Topical Collection (in review).

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