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HOP 0391

The X-ray Sun During the 2019 Dec 26 Annular Solar Eclipse

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 name : Pasachoff, Sterling @  e-mail : jay.m.pasachoff[at]williams.edu, alphonse.sterling[at]nasa.gov

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Savage, Watanabe, De Pontieu @  e-mail : sabrina.savage[at]nasa.gov, watanabe.tetsuya[at]nao.ac.jp, bdp[at]lmsal.com

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective: Synoptic observations of the full-disk Sun near time of annularity.

Scientific Justification: The images will be used for public outreach.  One of us (JMP) will in the annularity path in India.  Images taken from there will later be combined with the X-ray images in order to promote science education worldwide.

 request to SOT

 request to XRT
Standard Full-disk synoptic observation sequence (suitable for making a standard good-quality composite full-disk image.

 request to EIS

 other participating instruments
IRIS requests: None.

Additional instrument coordination:  
The JMP team will take ground-based images from India. There will also be observations from the Pune GMT radio telescope.

Dates:  2019 Dec 26.
Time window:  The times for the contacts from the ground location in India are as follows:
C1 2:37; C2: 4:00:07; C3: 4:03:22; C4: 5:44 UTC

It is desired to have full-disk images in, or as close as possible to, the C2-C3 time window (04:00:07 - 04:03:22 UTC, 26 Dec 2019). We understand that an exact overlap with this time window may not be possible due to partial-eclipses from Hinode, etc.  But the full-disk synoptic sequence should be taken as close as possible to that time period.

Target(s) of interest:  Full-disk X-ray Sun.
Previous HOPs:  
Selected examples:
HOP 209.  (Transit of Venus; resulted in public outreach movies, posters, etc.)
HOP 339. (Data from that HOP were used in Hanaoka et al. 2018, ApJ, 860, 142.)  
HOP 303.  (Transit of Mercury 2016; resulted in public outreach movies.
HOP 388.  (Transit of Mercury 2019; resulted in public outreach press release.)

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