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HOP 0383

Coordination with SST and IRIS - Dynamics of flux cancellation in neutral lines

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 name : Chintzoglou, Gosic, Sainz Dalda, Woods, Graham @  e-mail : gchintzo[at]lmsal.com, mgosic[at]lmsal.com, asainz[at]lmsal.com, woods[at]lmsal.com, graham[at]lmsal.com

contact person in HINODE team

 name : DeRosa, Shine @  e-mail : derosa[at]lmsal.com, shine[at]lmsal.com

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective: IRIS+SST coordinated observations of the dynamics of flux cancellation in emerging or decaying active region neutral lines

Scientific Justification: The investigation focuses on the physics of flux cancellation in neutral lines. Reconnection events along neutral lines form the photosphere to higher heights in the atmosphere are believed to be behind the formation of filament channels, the seeds of CMEs. A large number of cancellation events in coordination with SST (Halpha - looking for heating events such as Ellerman bombs) is needed to elucidate the physical processes behind the creation of filament channels. In case there are no obvious neutral lines due to the lack or emerging or decaying ARs, we focus on coronal hole boundaries and internetwork studies, using the same observing program.

 request to SOT
Similar to HOP330 on 2017 April 22 at 14UT, but twice as wide (i.e. 20").

 request to XRT
Active Region or Decaying AR for sigmoids at the beginning or around the time of the SOT observations (no rapid time-sequences needed)  - Al-poly - 512x512

 request to EIS

 other participating instruments
IRIS requests: Selected

Dates:  Every other day during the LMSAL shift at the SST, starting August 18 to August 31.

Time window:  8-10 UT coordinated with SST. It would be nice not to have short interruptions, if possible, to maximize coordination coverage of potentially good seeing conditions at the SST

Target(s) of interest:
1. TOO - Neutral line of an emerging AR.
2. TOO - Neutral line of a decaying AR opposite polarity plage  
3. TOO - Quiet Sun - Coronal hole boundary.
4. Quiet Sun - Internetwork.

Previous HOPs: No previous HOP submissions from the present proposer

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