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HOP 0375

Flare Ribbon and Current Sheet Instabilities During Solar Flares

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 name : French, Matthews @  e-mail : ryan.french.14[at]ucl.ac.uk sarah.matthews[at]ucl.ac.uk

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Culhane, Harra @  e-mail : j.culhane[at]ucl.ac.uk

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective: Investigating flare ribbon sub-structure to gain insight into current sheet dynamics, in support of Swedish Solar Telescope observations.

Scientific Justification: The goal is to search for evidence of plasma instabilities in the flare current sheet through the analysis of high cadence imaging and spectroscopy of the ribbons in a small flare. We plan to combine high cadence observations from the Swedish Solar Telescope (through a target of opportunity programme) with IRIS and EIS spectroscopy to probe the detailed ribbon dynamics in the chromosphere and transition region, while EIS and XRT will provide complementary information on the coronal environment surrounding the energy release region.

 request to SOT
60" x 120" fast map. Pointing centred on PIL.

 request to XRT
Active region observations alternating between thin Al poly and Al thick.

 request to EIS
'QUB hi-cad flare v1' study. Run for 1-2 hours to overlap with SST and IRIS (telemetry permitting)

 other participating instruments
IRIS requests:
High datarate:
3663007702  |  Medium sit-and-stare 0.3x60 1s  Mg II h/k Deep x 4   SJI cadence 3x fa  |       5.68    |       7.18    |       0.9     |  5.7+/-0.0 |  5.7+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0 |  5.7+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0

Low datarate (spectral summing x1, spatial summing x2)
3663087702  |  Medium sit-and-stare 0.3x60 1s  Mg II h/k Deep x 4 Spatial x 2, Spectr  |       5.52    |       3.75    |       0.5     |  5.5+/-0.0 |  5.5+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0 |  5.5+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0

Additional instrument coordination:

Dates: UK Observing slot on SST falls over the period of 4 July - 17 July inclusive. We have a target of opportunity observing programme within this window.

Time window: Observing times of Swedish Solar Telescope (SST) (daylight hours). No interruptions. Target(s) of interest: This is a target of opportunity observation, requiring a small flare (B or C-class) on

Previous HOPs:

Additional remarks:
Target of opportunity, for coordination with SST. We would request that Hinode and IRIS observe the region selected by SST, assuming a suitable target would be found.

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