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HINODE Operation Plan (HOP)

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HOP 0374

Hinode Observations in Support of Airborne IR Eclipse Observations

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 name : DeLuca @  e-mail : edeluca[at]cfa.harvard.edu

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 name : Mariska, Warren @  e-mail : jtmariska[at]gmail.com

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective: EIS Spectra above the East & West limb before and after the eclipse

Scientific Justification: The EIS spectra will be combined with AIR-Spec IR observation. EIS will constrain the temperature, density and abundances in rasters extending above the limb. This enables more detailed analysis of the AIR-Spec observations, allowing a measurement of the radiative contribution to IR emission as a function of radius.

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Use EIS observation plan from 21-Aug-2017 21:36-23:36UT.

 other participating instruments

Dates:  Observations should occur within 12 hours of the eclipse: 2019/07/02 19:24 UT    Preference for scans 2-3hrs before and 2-hrs after the eclipse.

Time window:  12 hours

Target(s) of interest:  Deep raster from the limb out to 120", 60 2" steps per raster. Full read of the detector. Long exposures. East and west Limb spanning the equator is the default, point adjustments based on PSI forecast will be suggested 2-days before the eclipse.

HOP for the EIS 2017 eclipse coordination - Madsen et al ApJ submitted (arXiv:1901.10425)

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