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HOP 0373

Formation and destabilisation of filaments

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 name : Schmieder, Labrosse @  e-mail : brigitte.schmieder[at]obspm.fr, Nicolas.Labrosse[at]glasgow.ac.uk

contact person in HINODE team

 name : DeRosa, Shine @  e-mail : derosa[at]lmsal.com

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective: SOT/SP would measure the parasitic polarities in the barbs of filaments.

Scientific Justification: Filaments are formed with shear flows in channel. It will be interesting to detect the footpoints of  filament and  mass motions inside the barbs and along the filaments. Spectroscopic observations on the disk in  chromosphere lines (Mg II h and k, Halpha) and photosphere lines are required to show the dynamics of the filament by counter-streaming or by turbulence. HMI continua and magnetogram will provide data to follow the large scale  evolution of the channel.
With HMI surface velocities by using CST (LCT)  methods  will  be determined leading to an  estimate of the shear at large scale of the filament and Hinode/SOT will locate the parasitic polarities where the
filament has its footpoints.

 request to SOT
Several fast map scans of the target filament throughout the observing period are requested. Programs such as SP 0x0175 (164"x164" fast map) are fine. If needed, the height and width of the scan can be adjusted to better fit the path of the filament channel on the disk.

 request to XRT
Standard 2-filter active region program at a 1-2 minute cadence

 request to EIS
EIS STUDY ID #573 raster_hefe3.

 other participating instruments
IRIS requests:  
OBSID: 3600605478 (high-telemetry rate), and 3620605476 (low-telemetry rate, large dense 320-step raster).
OBSID: 3600011459 (high-telemetry rate), and 3620261459 (low-telemetry rate).
OBSID: 3600011448 (high-telemetry rate), and 3620261448 (low-telemetry rate).


Time window:  between 08 UT and 17 UT

Target(s) of interest:  Filaments: quiescent or in active regions

Previous HOPs:  
HOP 255
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Additional remarks:  
We have mainly observed prominences/tornadoes .
Now we would like to focus on filaments.

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