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HOP 0329

Microflares in the Chromosphere with ALMA (2016.1.00788.S)

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 name : Kobelski, Tarr @  e-mail : adam.kobelski[at]uah.edu, lucas.tarr.ctr[at]nrl.navy.mil

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Savage @  e-mail : sabrina.savage[at]nasa.gov

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective:
Observe microflaring events from the photosphere through the chromosphere and into the corona.

Scientific Justification:
ALMA offers a truly unique insight into the Sun by providing a linear thermometer into the chromosphere. These layers of the chromosphere are largely unstudied or have been muddled by line-of-sight effects common to optically thin measurements. Here we intend to use the advantages of ALMA in conjunction with Hinode in order to study one of the most readily available signatures of magnetic reconnection, microflares, in the chromosphere: the region through which the energy and plasma must flow to get into the corona. By observing the statistics of microflaring in two ALMA wavelengths and comparing to their signatures observed above and below with Hinode, we will be able to better constrain the heights and dynamics of energy transfer in the chromosphere during magnetic reconnection.

 request to SOT
60"x60" FOV SP fast-map (~225 MBits/hour)

 request to XRT
We request the highest cadence possible given telemetry (< 60s), with a small FOV. A FOV of at least 60" but larger is certainly acceptable, with an expected FOV of 256hx256h or similar for context. Thinnest filter deemed suitable for conditions (minimal contamination, good throughput). Suggest Al_mesh or Al_poly.

 request to EIS
Study 552 : SI_Mercury_slit_v2 : If telemetry is limited, compression may be applied. Sit and stare with a full line list, 2 " slit, 20s exposures and 256" y-height. (~745 Gb/hour DPCM, ~360 Gb/hour JPEG85)

A context map is requested at the beginning and end of the run.

 other participating instruments
14hx60h raster at 2h steps, 44s cadence, Single filter Si IV with SJI.

3620006632  |    Medium coarse 8-step raster 14x60 8s  Si IV   Mg II w s Deep x 4      |      43.72    |      52.05    |       0.8     |  5.5+/-0.1 | 43.8+/-0.1 |  0.0+/-0.0 | 10.9+/-0.1 |  0.0+/-0.0 | 43.7+/-0.0

BBSO, NST (hopefully)

TBD - depending on weather and ALMA scheduling. To be observed for 3.5 hours total on: Dec 8-28, Jan 3 - Feb 1, Mar 1- Apr 4, OR Apr 14-29.

Time window:
During ALMA day time, 13 - 20 UT . Request synoptics to be shifted around observations (since they should last at most 3.5 or 4 hours).

Target(s) of interest: Active Region Plage

Previous HOP information:
No HOP submissions, but have performed a similar (but more limited) study with XRT : http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2014ApJ...786...82K

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