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HOP 0295

Connection of families of granules to the formation of the chromospheric network

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 name : Frank, Malherbe, Roudier @  e-mail : zoe[at]lmsal.com, jean-marie.malherbe[at]obspm.fr, troudier[at]irap.omp.eu

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Shine @  e-mail : shine[at]lmsal.com

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective:
We propose a quiet Sun study of families of granules, super granules, and the connection to the formation of the chromospheric network.

Scientific Justification:
Hinode SOT has a unique capability to provide continuous flow mapping of structures on the scale of solar granulation during non-eclipse periods. IRIS provides spectral and imaging information on similar scales in the chromospheric region. Correlating surface flows with larger scale chromospheric structures provides insight into energy transport mechanisms from the photosphere into the solar corona. Techniques used in feature tracking (Coherent Structure Tracking or gCST" codes) on several SOT data sets taken from 2010-2015 and joint SOT and SDO datasets (results of HOP 182) can be employed with chromospheric data from IRIS. Preliminary results on longer SOT time series suggest formative mechanisms in network evolution. We plan to investigate the influence of the photospheric flow structures on the chromospheric network.

 request to SOT
BFI: BLUE CONTINUUM, time step 60 s
BFI: G BAND, time step 120 s
NFI: NaD1 Stokes IV shutterless, time step 60 s
Use current FG 0x050c NaD IV shless,61x82", BC 75x75", 60s, Gb 2min

 request to XRT

 request to EIS

 other participating instruments
IRIS Request:
3620005935  |  Medium dense 16-step raster 5x60 16s  Mg II h/k   Mg II w Deep x 2      |      55.18    |     102.11    |       1.3     |  3.5+/-0.1 | 55.2+/-0.1 |  0.0+/-0.0 |  0.0+/-0.0 | 13.8+/-0.0 | 13.8+/-

This will scan a 5hx60h region every 55s, while taking 60hx60h slit-jaw images in the desired wavelengths with 14s cadence.

Time Period of Proposed Observation:
One day in October is preferred since neither Hinode nor IRIS are in eclipse season.

Time window in day, if required:
6 hours continuous overlap observations required with SOT and IRIS on a single day, any time window is acceptable. Observation should fit between synoptics.

Target(s) of interest:
Quiet Sun, disk center (0,0), with Hinode tracking (solar rotation compensation)

HOP 182 (2011) and other SOT-only observations have been supported.

Recent resulting publications:
Malherbe, J.-M., Roudier, T., Frank, Z., and Rieutord, M.: 2015, "Families of Granules, Flows, and Acoustic Events in the Solar Atmosphere from Hinode Observations," Solar Physics 290, 321

Roudier, T., Rieutord, M., Prat, V., Malherbe, J. M., Renon, N., Frank, Z., Švanda, M., Berger, T., Burston, R., and Gizon, L.: 2013, "Comparison of solar horizontal velocity fields from SDO/HMI and Hinode data," A&A 552, A113

Malherbe, J.-M., Roudier, T., Rieutord, M., Berger, T., and Franck, Z.: 2012, "Acoustic Events in the Solar Atmosphere from Hinode/SOT NFI Observations," Solar Physics 278, 241

Roudier, T., Malherbe, J., Rieutord, M., Berger, T., Frank, Z., Prat, V., Renon, N., Gizon, L., and Svanda, M.: 2012a, "Some Dynamic Analysis of the Photosphere from Hinode/SOT and SDO/HMI Observations," in L. Golub, I. De Moortel, and T. Shimizu (Eds.), Fifth Hinode Science Meeting, Vol. 456 of Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, 65

Roudier, T., Rieutord, M., Rincon, F., Malherbe, J.-M., Brito, D., Berger, T., Frank, Z., Parés, L., Bourrec, E., and Beigbeder, F.: 2012b, "The Power Spectrum of the Solar Surface Flows from Hinode Data and First Observations with MOF/CALAS Pic-du-Midi," in T. Sekii, T. Watanabe, and T. Sakurai (Eds.), Hinode-3: The 3rd Hinode Science Meeting, Vol. 454 of Astronomical Society
of the Pacific Conference Series, 47

Malherbe, J.-M., Roudier, T., Berger, T., and Frank, Z.: 2011, "Acoustic Events in the Solar Atmosphere," IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 39, 2706

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