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HOP 0293

Coordinated UV/EUV/X-Ray observations of coronal jets

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 name : Savcheva, Testa, Reeves @  e-mail : asavcheva[at]cfa.harvard.edu
ptesta[at]cfa.harvard.edu, kreeves[at]cfa.harvard.edu

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Golub @  e-mail : golub[at]head.cfa.harvard.edu

 abstract of observational proposal
Solar coronal jets are archetypal examples of reconnection in astrophysical plasmas. Their frequency, simple topology, size and duration make them ideal targets for detailed multiwavelength, multi-instrument analysis. The Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) has the spatial resolution and spectral coverage to observe jet plasma surrounding the reconnection region in unprecedented detail. Using simultaneous IRIS, EIS, XRT, SOT, and AIA observations, we will obtain photospheric magnetic field structure, velocity, density, and non-thermal line widths in order to follow the evolution, coronal plasma dynamics, and energetics of the jet. We will use observations of jets by IRIS, Hinode and SDO to address these goals:

1) Identify the structure and dynamics of the acceleration region in coronal jets.
2) Identify the mechanism for supplying plasma to and accelerating the jet.

 request to SOT
SP maps of the photospheric magnetic field

 request to XRT
384"x384" FOV, thin-Be filter, fast cadence (~20 sec) for as much of the observing period as telemetry allows.

 request to EIS
AR_Jets_SAOv2 (ID #543) (HOP-293)

 other participating instruments
Medium coarse 8-step raster 14x60 8s  C II   Si IV Deep x 4 (OBSID 3600257232)

Time Period of Proposed Observation: 2015/10/19 - 2015/10/25

Time window in day, if required: 6 hours per day, time of day not important

Target(s) of interest: AR with some inclusion polarities on the outskirts, or near a coronal hole

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