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HOP 0291

Chromospheric jets around active regions with a coordinated observation between Hida Obs, Fuxian Solar Obs and Hinode

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 name : UeNo, Ichimoto, Liu, Xu    e-mail : ueno[at]kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Ichimoto    e-mail : ichimoto[at]kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp

 abstract of observational proposal
Hinode has found many and various chromospheric jets (Ca jets). We must verify whether the mechanisms of such jets are all magnetic reconnection (ubiquitous reconnection ?), and investigate the amount of contribution of such jets to the coronal heating process.

Therefore, we will measure the 3D distributions & evolutions of the velocity field (bidirectional flow, reconnection flow, shock wave), temperature, density and magnetic field configuration around various type of jets, by using the HINODE, the 1m solar telescope at Fuxian Solar Obs (FSO) and a spectrograph of the Domeless Solar Telescope (DST) at Hida Obs.

FSO will provide high-spatial resolution imaging data with the H-alphafiltergraph. Hida observatory will provide highly complementary data sets of multi-line spectroscopic observation to Hinode and FSO i.e., DST will take full spectral line profiles of CaII K, H-alpha and CaII 854nm over a FOV of 50"x150" with a time cadence of 10 sec and a moderately high spatial resolution of 1 arcsec or better.

 request to SOT
          SP (fast map)   41"x 82" (15min) once/hr
          NFI (NaI IV)  82"x 82" /60 sec 106Mb/hr
          BFI (CaII H)    56"x112" /10sec 862Mb/hr/2
          BFI (G-band)    56"x112" /60sec 310Mb/hr/2

 request to XRT
   384"x384"/30sec  75Mb(?)/hr

 request to EIS
        - ID 398 slit2 hot loop osc1: 20x112" /75sec, exp=5sec
        - DRW_Alf_01_2: 12x152" /60sec, exp=10sec

 other participating instruments
DST, Hida Observatory
FSO, 1m telescope

Time period of proposed observations, if required:
   <<Start and end dates>>
     17-Aug-2015 (Mon) to 23-Aug-2015 (Sun)
   <<Minimum number of observation days>>
     6 days in total
   <<Continuity of observations>>
      We desire continuous observations for a few hours in everyday
      (see section [5]).

Time window in day, if required:
   <<Minimum duration>>
      Desirable duration is about 4 hours per one day
      (00:00 to 04:00 UT).
      Minimum duration is 2 hours.
       The best time-period:  00:30 to 02:30 UT (AM in Japanese and Chinese time)
   <<Allowability of short interruptions>>
      It is preferable that there are no interruptions except for moments for changing targets.

Target of interest:
 Main targets will be chromospheric jets (for example Ellerman Bombs) around active regions at different distances from the disk-center.
 If there are no active region on the disk, we would like to select plage regions.

Appendix 1 : Observations with DST at Hida Obs.
        * H-alpha 5 wavelength filtergraph:
            Wavelength: -0.8, -0.5, 0.0, +0.5, +0.8 A
        Time cadence: 15 sec
         * Multi-line (CaII K, Ha, CaII 854nm) spectro-heliograph:
            Scan width: about 50 arcsec
        Time cadence: about 10 sec

Appendix 2 : Observations with 1m telescope at FSO
        * High resolution H-alpha filtergraph:
            Wavelength: +0.8, -0.8 A
           Time cadence: 12 sec
        * High resolution TiO image:
            Wavelength: 7058 A
           Time cadence: 12 sec

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