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HOP 0284

IHOP propsal for EIS/IRIS Full-Disk Spectral Scans

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 name : Brooks, Warren, Ugarte-Urra @  e-mail : dhbrooks[at]ssd5.nrl.navy.mil

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Brooks @  e-mail : dhbrooks[at]ssd5.nrl.navy.mil

 abstract of observational proposal
Fully understanding the velocity structure of the Sunfs upper atmosphere requires spectroscopic observations of the entire solar disk. A test run earlier in the Hinode mission (January 16-18, 2013) has demonstrated the feasibility of such an observing mode with EIS. Analysis of these data has yielded interesting results on the possible sources of the slow solar wind. Furthermore, coordinating these EIS scans with IRIS will provide an opportunity for simultaneous, full-Sun spectroscopic observations from the chromosphere, transition region, and corona. An exploratory full-disk scan has also been taken with IRIS.

 request to SOT

 request to XRT
Full-disk images at disk-center at the beginning and end of the EIS full-sun scan. Use long + short exposures in Al-mesh, Ti-poly, and Al-thick.

 request to EIS
RASTER: AbundRaster
SLIT: 2h

LINE_LIST: Fe VIII 185.213 A, Fe IX 188.497 A, Fe X 184.536 A,
   Fe XI 188.216 A, Fe XI 188.299 A, Fe XII 195.119 A, Fe XII
   203.72 A, Fe XIII 202.044 A, Fe XIII 203.826 A, Fe XIV
   264.787 A, Fe XV 284.16 A, and Fe XVI 262.984 A.

After the initial run with IRIS is completed, additional line lists and exposure times should be considered.

Pointing: Use the pointing scheme from the HOP130 full-disk slot mosaic. See HOP130 for details.

 other participating instruments
Run a modified version of IRIS mosaic. IRIS to slow their scan to match when EIS is scanning. Discussions uderway with Paul Bryans, Scott McIntosh, Ted Tarbell, and Bart de Pontieu.

The duration of these observations is approximately 48 hours. If possible, run on April 1/2 before X-ray twilight begins for Hinode. Fallback would be the week that David Brooks is the EIS planner (10-16 April). X-Ray twilight will be present but relatively brief.

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