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HINODE Operation Plan (HOP)

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HOP 0273

Hinode Support for NRL VAULT Rocket Launch

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 name : Vourlidos @  e-mail : vourlidas[at]nrl.navy.mil

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Mariska @  e-mail : jtmariska[at]gmail.com

 abstract of observational proposal
We have completed the instrument integration and calibration and wefre heading to White Sands for launching VAULT. The VAULT Team requests observing support from the Hinode instruments.

The launch date is Sept, 30, 2014 at 17:48UT. The time is based on SAA avoidance for both IRIS and Hinode, and is quite tight as the two s/c have very different SAA passes.

The target will be an active region at disk center. A likely candidate is the return of AR 2152 (or 2160). The final AR selection will be made 3-4 days before launch and the exact coordinates can then be communicated.

We can discuss the exact observing plans with the corresponding planners but the main objective is to trace the sub-arcsecond morphology of AR loops from the corona to the photosphere.

 request to SOT
Ca II K high cadence

NFI magnetograms (Na D) every 30 sec?

 request to XRT
Images of the target AR before, during, and after launch, filters TBD.

 request to EIS
Same studies as the earlier VERIS campaign (HOP 235). Before launch, study 491 (DHB_006, abundance raster) and study 353 (PRY_slot_context_v3, Heavily compressed slot context raster; 488"x488"; 3.5mins). At launch time, study 358 (IUU_SCAN_STEPS_002, Fast scan, 58x368, 2" slit, 4" steps. AR line list.). After flight, repeat study 353 (PRY_slot_context_v3) and run study 209 (EUNIS_EIS_CrossCal).

 other participating instruments
IRIS: Si IV & CII imaging, NUV spectra
SOLIS: Scans in 8542L during flight. Full disk 8542L before/after flight.
BBSO: Ha, magn. (if available), at 7 sec cadence.
Dunn: Wefll repeat the VERIS sequence, Kevin.

Thank you all for your support. I hope you can space a few hours and bytes for VAULT. Ifll be leaving for WSMR on Monday, 15 Sep, and should be online by the end of the day. My cell phone is 202-297-5202.

Angelos Vourlidos

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