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HOP 0254

Prominence dynamics

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 name : Okamoto, Liu, De Pontieu
@  e-mail : take[at]joten.info

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Okamoto @  e-mail : take[at]joten.info

 abstract of observational proposal
Prominences are chromospheric plasma in the corona supported by coronal magneticfield lines. Generally it is difficult to detect the small-scale behavior of coronalmagnetic fields. However, since prominence materials visualized magnetic field lines,we can know the motion of coronal field lines by observing prominence fine threads.

Recently high-resolution observations by such as Hinode/SOT have shown small scale osciilations in prominence threads (Okamoto et al. 2007; Lin et al 2009). These are thought to be propagating/standing waves along coronal magnetic field lines.

The propagation of waves in the corona is an important candidate to heat the corona, and the behavior must be investigated more. The coordinated observation of Hinode/SOT and IRIS provides information about vector velocity of prominence threads, and we can know the properties of waves and derive further physical aspects e.g., the wave mode.

In addition, these observations are also useful for considering where prominence mass comes from and goes to (with SDO/AIA images: Liu et al. 2012; Berger et al. 2012).

 request to SOT
No request to SOT.

Invalid from 2016.4.20 :
High-cadence filtergrams in Ca II, such as PRG 0x4b6.
- 8.0 sec cadence (not acceptable with more than 8.0 sec)
- 1200 msec exposure
- FOV 110"x110"
- Q90
- ROI shift required (55" east or west)
- SOT center is 10"/15" inside the limb (in case of east/west limb, respectively)
- SAA free period required

1.8 Gbits / 2 hours (which depends on the amount of mass in off-limb region)

 request to XRT
[optional] XRT could run the programs specified in HOP 114.

(edited on 2018.03.30)
For ALMA observations, please refer HOP 328 [optional].

 request to EIS
[optional] EIS could run the programs specified in HOP 114.

(edited on 2018.03.30)
For ALMA observations, please refer HOP 328 [optional]

 other participating instruments
(For ALMA observation, edited on 2018.03.30)

Request to IRIS: OBS ID 3620259411
(Very large sparse 2-step raster 1x175  Si IV   Mg II h/k Deep x 8)

Other requests (such as roll, observing period) will be provided to iris_planner ML by Joten Okamoto (proposer).

(For ALMA observation, edited on 2018.03.30)

ALMA observations are now scheduled:

13:47-19:18 UT on 2018 April 5,
13:50-19:14 UT on 2018 April 8.

The target is an off-limb prominence. An AR prominence is more preferable because they are expected to have horizontal threads. But, a prominence in the quiet Sun is also acceptable.

The target coordinates will be chosen by Joten Okamoto (proposer).

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