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HOP 0253

Active Region Expansion

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 name : Baker @  e-mail : deborah.baker[at]ucl.ac.uk

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Baker @  e-mail : deborah.baker[at]ucl.ac.uk

 abstract of observational proposal
This is a coordinated observing program with Proba-2/SWAP to investigate the nature and extent of large-scale AR loop expansion off-limb using Proba-2/SWAPfs off-pointing capability combined with Hinode.

Scientific Background:
One possible way that AR plasma can become a constituent of the slow Solar Wind under quiet conditions is via a slow expansion of AR loops (Morgan et al., 2013). As it has been shown by MHD simulations (Murray et al., 2010) that loop expansion leading to compression of plasma along external field lines is one of the possible drivers of AR outflows, the two may be causally linked.  The off-pointing capabilities of the Proba-2/SWAP instrument fill in a critical gap between the lower corona observed by Hinode and SDO and the extended corona observed by SOHO/LASCO, allowing individual AR loops and streamer structures to be traced from their on-disk source regions out into the heliosphere.  In this way, it may be possible to establish whether there is a connection between expanding loops and AR outflows.  

 request to SOT

 request to XRT
Thin Be filter, 384x384 FOV, 30 second cadence.

 request to EIS
EIS study acronym: DHB_006_v2
EIS study ID number: 513
TARGET: Active Region at either limb; proposers to nominate suitable AR
POINTING: approx. 50% of EIS FOV off-limb
RASTER: scanning
FOV: 492hx512h
Duration: 2h 13m
SLIT: 2"
Data rate: 9 kbps
Data volume: 72 Mbits
Data compression: JPEG90

 other participating instruments
3620010877  |  Very large dense 320-step raster 105.3x175 320s  Si IV   Mg II h/k   M  |    5305.92    |    7474.50    |       1.0     | 16.6+/-0.1 | 5306+/-0   |  0.0+/-0.0 | 66.3+/-0.0 | 66.3+/-0.0 | 66.3+/-0.0

This is a data intensive program, so wefll need a medium and low data rate option too. Here is my suggestion for those:

Medium datarate:
3620260877  |  Very large dense 320-step raster 105.3x175 320s  Si IV   Mg II h/k   M  |    5241.04    |    5607.22    |       0.7     | 16.4+/-0.1 | 5241+/-0   |  0.0+/-0.0 | 65.5+/-0.0 | 65.5+/-0.0 | 65.5+/-0.0

Low datarate:
3620260876  |  Large dense 320-step raster 105.3x120 320s  Si IV   Mg II h/k   Mg II   |    5227.84    |    3456.00    |       0.5     | 16.3+/-0.1 | 5228+/-0   |  0.0+/-0.0 | 65.3+/-0.0 | 65.3+/-0.0 | 65.3+/-0.0

Proba-2/SWAP contacts:  Dan Seaton (dan.seaton@oma.be); Matt West (matthew.west@observatory.be)


Run between 1st and 11th April; if possible, run twice each day avoiding SAA

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