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HOP 0244

Joint IRIS/Hinode observations of post-eruption supra-arcade plasma

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 name : Reeves, McKenzie, Doschek, Warren @  e-mail : kreeves[at]cfa.harvard.edu

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Reeves @  e-mail : kreeves[at]cfa.harvard.edu

 abstract of observational proposal
Objective:  To characterize plasma motions in post-eruption plasma sheets above flare arcades.

Supra-arcade plasma that appears above a flare arcade after an eruption has been clearly observed in the soft X-rays using Yohkoh SXT and Hinode XRT, and in the EUV using the TRACE 195 A channel and the AIA 131 A channel (e.g. Savage & McKenzie 2011; Reeves & Golub, 2011, Warren et al., 2011).  In one fortuitous case, emission from the Fe XXI line at 1354 A was detected in a post eruption plasma sheet using SUMER (Innes, 2003a,b).  This supra-arcade plasma has been found to exhibit dynamic and turbulent motions (McKenzie 2013).  These motions can provide insights into the reconnection process and also possible heating mechanisms of the supra-arcade plasma. The hot lines in EIS and the Fe XXI line in IRIS can provide crucial velocity information perpendicular to the plane of the sky for this plasma (see Doschek, McKenzie, & Warren, ApJ, submitted).  High cadence XRT images along with AIA images from SDO will be useful for determining the motions in the plane of the sky and providing temperature information.

Innes, D., McKenzie, D. and Wang, T., SolPhys, 217, 247, 2003a
Innes, D., McKenzie, D. and Wang, T., SolPhys, 217, 267, 2003b
McKenzie, D., ApJ, 766, 39, 2013
Reeves, K. & Golub, L., ApJL, 727, L52, 2011
Savage, S. & McKenzie, D., ApJ, 730, 98, 2011
Warren, H. et al., 742, 92, 2011.

 request to SOT

 request to XRT
High cadence single filter (thin-Be) AR Tracking program, with a fast, single filter med-Be flare response.  Thin-Be and med-Be images in the pre-flare buffer.

 request to EIS
* Use Study Flare266_Hunter01 or FLARE266_TEST2
* Enable the XRT flare flag
* Specify FlareResponse01

 other participating instruments
Request to IRIS: Large course 8-step raster, C II SJI only, flare line list (v38_03), 8 sec exposure time (OBSID 3860259580).

Off-limb pointing above an active region, roll angle so that the slit is perpendicular to the limb.

Target should be an active at the limb capable of producing large flares.  Continued observations for a day after the AR has rotated out of view are desirable if the AR is on the West limb.  Beacon movies from STEREO B can be used to track incoming active regions on the East limb:


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