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HINODE Operation Plan (HOP)

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HOP 0216

HI-C 36.272 support

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 name : Cirtain @  e-mail : jonathan.w.cirtain[at]nasa.gov

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Cirtain @  e-mail : jonathan.w.cirtain[at]nasa.gov

 abstract of observational proposal

 request to SOT
Before: NFI: Na IVDG, 40x164", 2x2 binned (this is to obtain context magnetograms) for 5 minutes

High-cadence run: SP : fast raster (dynamics), 4.8"x60" at 1 min cadence
                NFI: H-alpha sequence: H-alpha at -2.1A, at -1.28A and
                     -0.87A, 30"x82", 2x2 rebinned, at 13 s cadence
                BFI: Ca II H, 38"x88", 2x2 rebinned, exposure time
                     of >0.6s, at 13 s cadence

The high cadence part should run for 1 hour. The Na IVDG should be run before the high cadence run for about 5 minutes for co-alignment.

Telemetry rate:  XX Mbits/hour

 request to XRT
Images with Al poly filter configuration at 30 s cadence with AEC exposure for a FOV of 384"x384". This data will allow us to track propagating disturbances in the corona. We will investigate the correlation between these "blobs" with the line asymmetries observed with the EIS fast raster.

Telemetry rate:  XX Mbits/hour

 request to EIS

 other participating instruments

The launch window is 18:50 - -20:00 UT on 11 July. We will now the exact launch time by July 6, but the initial launch time is set for 18:54UT (JWC).

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