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HOP 0211

Hot plasma on]and off]disk in non]flaring AR with Hinode and SUMER

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 name : Parenti, Reale, Testa, Mason @  e-mail : susi[at]arcetri.astro.it

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Culhane @  e-mail : jlc[at]mssl.ucl.ac.uk

 abstract of observational proposal
To observe and characterize hot (>3MK) plasma in non]flaring AR on]and off]disk.

Non]flaring active regions sometimes show the presence of hot plasma (>3MK). The characterization of this plasma is very difficult because in the few known observed examples, the produced radiation is very weak and difficult to detect: it was estimated an EM of about few percent with respect to the peak EM at the bulk temperature of 2]3MK.

At the same time, the very existence of the hot plasma is an important element in the framework of testing coronal heating models and of understanding how the energy is released: little but very hot plasma is expected in the presence of impulsive energy released, while, under the observed circumstances, it is not applicable to the steady heating.

This project aims at observing the same AR on the disk and off]limb. Under these configurations it will be possible to spatially investigate the presence of the hot plasma, to better isolate it from the foreground and background emission and to study its distribution with the height.

We request a coordination of Hinode with SOHO/SUMER which will allow to better sample the plasma conditions above logT = 6.5. 5h minimum observations are requested for each of the 2 targets.

 request to SOT

 request to XRT
Cycling at a cadence 5 min (TBC). Al_poly, Be_med, Al_thick, 512h FOV

 request to EIS
A variation of cam_ar_limb_lite_v2. 90sec exposure time, 160h x 376h, 2h Replace few lines including Fe XVII 269.

 other participating instruments
Slit 4hx 300h for, at least, 2 positions sit and stare in the AR, each of about 2h. 120
sec exposure time (TBC).

The spectral windows (3 or 4) will be adapted for on disk and off limb
observations (saturation/ghosts of Lyg and C III, cool lines contamination)

-Fe XIX 592.2/2 (1184.4), O I 1152, Fe XVII 1154,
-Na X 1111.8, Si VIII 1116, Fe XIX 1118, He II, N II 1085 multiplet
-Ca XIV 943.6, K XIII 945.9, Lyg (TBC), Fe XVIII 974, C III 977
-Fe XX 721 (TBC)


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