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HOP 0210

Acoustic events and magnetic elements in the solar atmosphere

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 name : Malherbe, Roudier, Berger, Frank @  e-mail : malherbe[at]obspm.fr

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 name : Berger @  e-mail : berger[at]lmsal.com

 abstract of observational proposal
Acoustic events in FeI 5576 using 9 wavelength positions along the line profile have been evidenced using HINODE/NFI observations (Solar Physics, 2012, in press). The acoustic flux was derived from velocities measured at 2 altitudes using the bisector technique, and was found to be concentrated in sub arc sec regions at the boundary of granules.

We propose a new observation with HINODE/NFI in the quiet Sun at disk center of NaD1 5896 line with 2 states of polarization providing I+V and I-V values for 9 wavelength positions along the line profile, from the wings (photosphere, granulation well visible) to the core (low chromosphere).

Our goal relatively to the initial paper would be to study the relationship between acoustic events and magnetic elements derived from V/I, taking benefit of the constant and high spatial resolution of HINODE.

 request to SOT
SOT/NFI filter
Disk Center with solar rotation compensation
Format 1024 x 512 pixels or 1024 x 1024 pixels
Pixel 0.08 arc sec  (1x1 - no summing)
NaD1 5896 line

I+V and I-V with filter tuning for 9 wavelength
positions [-480,-360,-240,-120,0,120,240,360,480]

Time step = 60 s = 2 x 9 shots = 18 shots (I+V and I-V
for 9 wavelengths)

This will allow the computation of vertical velocities and magnetic fields at 2 different altitudes using the bisector technique.

test sequence : 5 mn = 5 cycles in order to check the tuning of NaD1 5896 line

full observation : 2 H sequence = 120 cycles of 60 s duration

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