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HOP 0204

Tracking the outflows from the Sun into interplanetary space using Hinode EIS and Proba-2  SWAP

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 name : Slemzin,  Harra, Goryaev, Berghmans @  e-mail : slem[at]sci.lebedev.ru

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Culhane @  e-mail : jlc[at]mssl.ucl.ac.uk

 abstract of observational proposal
The purpose of this study is to investigate temporal evolution of outflows from active regions and track outflows from the Sun into interplanetary space using SWAP data. We require a TOO observation of an active region with growing activity. The active region should be observed during 14 days in the course of rotation from E-limb to W-limb.

At the beginning and at the end of the study SWAP will observe the corona above the target at E-limb and W-limb in a series of off-points which will reach more than 2.1 Rsun.

Imprints of outflows on the solar wind in the beginning, in the middle and in the end of the study will be analyzed using STEREO-B, ACE/Wind and STEREO-A data.

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 request to EIS
During 14 days two rasters each day with a cadence of 12 hours.
AR study:  Study ID 456 EIS_SWAP_AR

 other participating instruments
Proba-2, Stereo-A -B, ACE, WIND

Run in the period of 1 - 14 October assuming a suitable target is available.
Current near-quadrature of ACE and Stereo-A/B is very favourable for this observation.

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