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HOP 0168

CORE: Hinode's coordinated observation during the 2010 July 11 Total Solar Eclipse

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 name : Kano @  e-mail : ryouhei.kano[at]nao.ac.jp

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Kano @  e-mail : ryouhei.kano[at]nao.ac.jp

 abstract of observational proposal
OVERVIEW:  Observe envelope or surroundings of non-flaring active regions for their temperature properties with all three instruments on Hinode.

SCIENTIFIC OBJECTIVE:  To obtain multi-thermal structures of non-flaring active regions and relation between such quasi-steady coronal features and activities
in the lower atmosphere.

 request to SOT
A standard active region observation near the limb. I expect Ca images for chromospheric activities, and some magnetic data by FG or SP if possible.

 request to XRT
Multifilter observation by Al/mesh, Ti/poly, thick-Al, and thick-Be (optional). FOV is 384x384 or 512x512 depend on the size of AR.

 request to EIS
A standard active region obserbation for thermla study.

 other participating instruments

TARGET: Active regions to be occulted by the moon.

OBSERVATION TIME and possible POINTINGS: There are two possibilities based on the images on June 14.

[Case-1] To observe an AR (or remnant) near the NW-limb around 17:53UT, which is the 1st contact of Hinode's No.1 eclipse.

[Case-2] To observe another AR (or remnant) near the NE-limb around 19:49UT, which is the 1st contact of Hinode's No.2 eclipse.

In both case, one complete set of EIS (or SOT) observations is requested
before the 1st contacts.

We desire support from all three instruments.
Should resource compromises be necessary, however, our order of
preference for support is: 1. XRT, 2. EIS, 3. SOT.

Similar to the Hinode active region observations during the eclipse of
15 Jan. 2010, around 08:50 UT. I would like to find better observations through discussion with each CO.

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