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HOP 0136

CORE: Coordination with TESIS

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 name : DeLuca @  e-mail : edeluca[at]cfa.harvard.edu

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 name : DeLuca @  e-mail : edeluca[at]cfa.harvard.edu

 abstract of observational proposal
CORONAS PHOTON has eclipse free observations for several weeks roughly every three months. During these periods important co-observing can be made between Hinode and the TESIS suite of instruments. The coordinated observations described here involve 171A, 304A, 8.42A and 132A imaging observations as well as SphinX x-ray spectrophotometer data.

The goals of the upcoming (Oct 3-21 2009) observations depend on the solar conditions.

If there is an AR on the disk, Hinode will be tracking the AR continuously. XRT will reserve telemetry for a 4hr high cadence program using our medium thick filters to study the structure and dynamics of micro-flares.

If there is a large XBP a similar program will be run, looking for hot transient plasma in the XBP. This program can only run shortly after a timeline upload, as the XBP lifetime is only ~ 1day for a suitable candidate.

If there is no suitably large XBP then 4hrs of disk center (or tracking across disk center) is requested. The program will be to search for hot plasma in the QS. Again MgXII (8.4A) is key for identifying and constraining the high temperature component.

 request to SOT
AR on disk: Standard AR program, coordinate SP magnetograms to be taken during or near the TESIS joint observing program.

AR at the limb: CaII and H-alpha observations to define the chromospheric boundary and identify any prominence material. Cadence of 1-10 minutes for the duration of the observation period (~4hrs) would be sufficient.

Large XBP: NFI magnetograms during the TESIS coordination

Disk Center:  No request

 request to XRT
On Disk AR:
Be-thin with high cadence, short exposure, AEC
For some days run the same program with Be_Med, AEC
Every 2 hrs, 9 filters run twice
Full resolution
4 hr duration

Limb AR:
Long/short image pairs in C-Poly or Be_thin.
full resolution
4 hr duration

Large XBP: Be pairs:
Be-thin with high cadence, short exp, AEC
Be-med with fixed exposure at 30 sec
384x384 full resolution
4 hr duration

Disk Center:
Full Sun 2x2 binned multi-filter image sets every 30min
Be_med 4x4 binned deep exposures

 request to EIS
On Disk AR:  Slot Rasters - Read lines that overlap the TESIS passbands where possible.

Limb AR: Slot images above limb. Read lines that overlap the TESIS passbands where possible.

Large XBP - Slit sit and stare or small raster, cadence < 1min for raster - Read lines that overlap the TESIS passbands where possible.

Disk Center: No request

 other participating instruments
CORONAS/PHOTON TESIS - Coronal imaging in MgXII and EUV
passbands. EUV observations of extended off-limb corona.


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