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HOP 0125

Hinode support of solar eclipse ground-based observation (22-jul-09)

plan term


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 name : Pasachoff @  e-mail : jay[at]gps.caltech.edu

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Tarbell @  e-mail : tarbell[at]lmsal.com

 abstract of observational proposal
Our site will be at Tianhuangping; various observers from France (Koutchmy, Dame), China, India (Singh), and elsewhere will also be at that site.  The only other location I know with lots of people will be Wuhan.
Here is our location:

Williams College & Jay Pasachoff
30 28 05.1 N 119 35 22.5 E    altitude 890 m 5 min 38 sec centered at 1:37 UT

Wuhan is 10 minutes earlier.


locations: hangzhou with Tianhuangping being about a minute earlier: 01:34:16.7 to 01:39:35.8


Wuhan: 01:23:59.9 to 01:29:24.5

 request to SOT

 request to XRT

 request to EIS

 other participating instruments

Thanks, Ted. I understand that XRT would have whole-disk images no matter where SOT points, so one or more XRT images during totality would be fine.  I don't know enough about EIS at the moment to make a request; I'd be glad to have suggestions for what would help eclipse studies.  A rough suggestion would be to get a velocity map near the north pole, to match with our high-resolution visible image of polar plumes and to match the requested SOT observations.

I did just get from Leon and Alex Engell the FOV of TRACE with its two partial eclipses.  But during our ground eclipse at 9:373 min, we'd just like at least one whole-disk x-ray image.  Of course, it is now unlikely that there would be activity near the limb to form the base of streamers that we might see in white light, but one never knows.


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