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HOP 0122

Complete Eclipse Movie for Public Outreach & Coronal Hole Temperature

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 name : Kano, Tonooka, Shimizu, Bando, Tsuneta, DeLuca
@  e-mail : ryouhei.kano[at]nao.ac.jp

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Kano @  e-mail : ryouhei.kano[at]nao.ac.jp

 abstract of observational proposal
The eclipse on July 22 is observable in Japan after the long 46-year
interval from the last one. The public in Japan is very interested in it.
It is a good opportunity to draw public attention to the importance of
the solar science. NHK (Japanese public broadcasting) will have a special
science program on the eclipse and Hinode in the evening prime hour of the
same day. NHK intends to broadcast the just-taken Hinode XRT eclipse movie
among other movies taken from ground by the NHK expedition. They request
support from Hinode, and ask for XRT data transfer as immediate as
possible from the XRT instrument to NHK.

The immediate transfer of the XRT data cannot be realized only by XRT's planning efforts. We require the cooperation with SOT and EIS on the DR usage around the eclipse period as well as the spacecraft-level DR management and ground-station arrangement. Therefore, we propose this HOP.

 request to SOT
We probably request to keep the data rate as low as possible from TBP hours before the eclipse until the end of Event#1, to download the XRT movie data as soon as possible.

 request to XRT
(a) Movie for Public Outrearch
FOV 2048"x2048", 2x2 summing (1024x1024 pixel)
Single filter of Al/mesh or Ti/poly (TBD)
Cadence 15s, Period 20 minutes of 00:50-01:10UT
Compression JPEG Q95

The data volume is about 400Mbits.

(b) Science data for Temprature Analysis

FOV 768"x768", 2x2 summing (384x384 pixel)
Double filters of Al/mesh and Ti/poly
Compression JPEG Q95 or Q95
About 30 images in total

The data volume is about 20Mbits.

 request to EIS
We probably request to keep the data rate as low as possible from TBP hours before the eclipse until the end of Event#1, to download the XRT movie data as soon as possible.

 other participating instruments

The moon passes in front of the sun twice:
Event#1: from 00:51UT to 01:08UT, 71.6% at 00:59UT
Event#2: from 05:02UT to 05:12UT, 29.2% at 05:07UT
We propose to take a complete XRT eclipse movie during the Event#1, and to download its data immediately. This probably requests that all the instruments (SOT, EIS and XRT) reduce the data rate as low as possible (almost 0) during TBD hours before the eclipse for making the DR empty at the beginning of Event#1, and also requests that SOT and EIS keep the almost-zero data rate until the end of Event#1. Of course, these requests fully depend on DR management and station arrangement.
To the spacecraft, we request multiple download of the XRT movie data to reduce the risk of data loss and packet loss as small as possible.

We also propose science data to derive "scatter-light-free" temperature structures of an equatorial coronal hole during Event#1 and/or quiet Sun during Event#2 (see Kano et al. 2008, PASJ).

* Observation Date:
2009/07/22 for eclipse observations.
We intend two dry-run tests: the first for XRT observation planing only in June, and the second for all including DR management and data download during 2009/06/12-2009/07/10.

* Time window in a day for the eclipse and the second dry-run:
(a) Movie for Public Outreach
The minimum request is 00:50-01:10UT (Event#1).
(b) Science data for Temperature Analysis
Embedded during the Movie data taken 00:50-01:10UT (Event#1)
(and/or 05:00-05:15UT Event#2.)

* Target of interest: Solar Eclipse

* Pointing & Data Downloads
Disk center pointing for Event#1, and
E-limb pointing for Event#2.
Download the XRT movie data (about 400Mbits, see below) as soon as possible, and download then twice to reduce the risk of data loss or packet loss.

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