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HOP 0091

CORE Quiet sun nanoflares

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 name : Grigis @  e-mail : pgrigis[at]cfa.harvard.edu

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Grigis @  e-mail : pgrigis[at]cfa.harvard.edu

 abstract of observational proposal
The quiet Sun is very dynamic. SXT on Yohkoh dicovered continuous and ubiquitous flaring activity above the phostospheric network and in bright points. We intend to perform a statistical studies of the physical properties of these quiet Sun nanoflares (also known as network flares), investigating frequency, brightness, temperature and luminosity distributions, as well as the structure of the photospheric magnetic field at the nanoflaring sites. TOO for quiet Sun near disk center.

 request to SOT
Line-of-sight photospheric magnetograms (NFI Na I D 5896A). Low cadence (5 or 10 minutes), FOV as large as possible for XRT coordination.

 request to XRT
XRT: High cadence observation (25 sec cadence).
    Filter 1: Ti/poly, 23 sec exposure time
    Filter 2: Al/poly+Ti/poly, 23 sec exposure
   (If rapid switching of Al/poly unacceptable due to filter wheeel constraints, use Al/poly as Filter 1 instead).
   Field of view 256"x256" unbinned, centered around SOT FOV center.

 request to EIS
EIS: slot movie in several lines (such as study 248, raster 238)

 other participating instruments

Data volume estimate: The XRT program is data-volume intensive (100-150 Mbits depending on duration).  SOT and EIS program are low-data volume.

* Time period of proposed observations, if required.
 Oservation time flexible. Request 5 runs of minimum 3 hours each.
 The observations can be spread over several weeks. TOO.

* Time window in day, if required.
 Any time OK, request no interruptions, tracking

* Target of interest.
 Track Quiet Sun at disk center. Target of opportunity (no ARs or coronal
 holes within 400" from disk center).

* Required Hinode instruments, and priority of observables.

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