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HOP 0078

Too: Study of OScillatory Magneto-Convection in Umbral Dots

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 name : Watanabe, H. et al.    e-mail : watanabe[at]kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Sekii    e-mail : sekii[at]solar.mtk.nao.ac.jp

 abstract of observational proposal
Search for oscillatory behavior in magnetic field,  mass motion and brightness in umbral dots. Mutual phase relation among these quantities are interesting.

–How does the magneto-convection develop in sunspots?
–Clue for dynamo process beneath a sunspot

Observe the central part of the umbra with SP high cadence, narrow region map

 request to SOT
SP: normal map with small FOV but very high cadence
   –FOV… 4” x 20”
   –Cadence… As fast as possible (Less than 3 minutes)
FG: blue continuum, H-alpha center, and G-band images
   -FOV… larger than SP FOV
   –No summing (The average size is ~0.5”)
   –Cadence… 30 seconds cadence (The average lifetime is 15 min)                                                      
   -Duration: more than 3 hours

 request to XRT
Support from XRT – Not necessary

 request to EIS
Support from EIS – Not necessary

 other participating instruments
Hida Observatory

Target: Sunspot observation at Disk Center

Data size:
SP normal map, 4”x20”, 3 min cadence, 3 hours–frame size…(28 slit position, 128 pixel along slit)–time for one map… 28*4.8=135 second–(2.0bit/pix * 2 + 2.7bit/pix * 6) * 112pix * 128pix * 28step * (180 / 3..) = 484Mbits

FG blue, H-alpha center, & G-band images, no summing, 28”x28”, 30 sec cadence, 3 hours –frame size…(512 pixel, 512 pixel) for BFI
(350 pixel, 350 pixel) for NFI–1.5bit/pix * 512 * 512 * (2 * 180) * 2 + 2.0bit/pixel * 350 * 350 * (2 * 180) = 371Mbit

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