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HOP 0004

Coordinated Campaign Observation with THEMIS - a. Filament/prominence study, b. Evolving 3D Magnetic Field in Active Regions

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 name : a. B. Schmieder
b. G. Aulanier
@  e-mail : brigitte.schmieder[at]obspm.fr

contact person in HINODE team

 name : L. Golub @  e-mail : golub[at]head.cfa.harvard.edu

 abstract of observational proposal
a. Scientific Objectives:
i) to study the magnetic topology of the filament in the region near the "barbs".
ii) magnetic causes of filament  eruption, in particular to observe the background fields and the weak fields near fimaent feet, to determine whether the eruption is due to reconnectoin in the lower or upper atmsophere or whether it is a global loss of equilibrium.
iii) relation between photospheric flows and prominence eruption, by determining the  short and long-term evolution of the rpominence in conjunction with measurements of local evolution of minor polarities.
iv) prominence thermal structure, to determine basic physical properties of the
prominence-to-corona transition region.

b. Scientific Objectives
i) to estimate the evolution, distribution and neutralization of electric
currents in active regions.
ii) to quantify the transition from force-free to non force-free regime as
function of height.
iii) to obtain a 3D map of the topology of photospheric flux concentrations vs.
height into the upper chromosphere in order to provide the international NLFFF team with boundary conditions for field extrapolations.

 request to SOT
a. vector B and G-band (TBR)

b. simultaneous Ca II observations, for locating bright knots and comparison
to magnetic concentrations. SP scans of selected locations for comparison to ground-based B measurements.

 request to XRT
a. series of 512x512 images in several filters for the duration of the campaign (one week)

b. obs of both active regions and plage areas, full resolution at moderate
cadence, for comparison with THEMIS magnetic observations.

 request to EIS
a. He 256A obs plus continuum near 228A

b. Slot images coordinated with SOT pointing in selected lines dependent on

 other participating instruments


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