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Music/Sound from Space Science Data Let's Listen to Messages from Space

See also our collaborators' site at Nihon Fukushi University (in Japanese).

Music from Space ?

DARTS is a library of space science data. We archive "messages" from around the earth, sun, stars, galaxies, and other celestial objects. Most of these messages are in the form of "photons" (electro magnetic radiation) in the optical, radio, infrared, and X-ray bands. In this project, we try to translate these signals into "sounds" or "music". We collaborate with Dr. Uno and his students at Nihon Fukushi University.

We usually see the data in the form of plots or images on computer-display. Instead of seeing, hearing the data might bring us some new idea from the data. Furthermore, we would expect that this project might help blind people enjoy our beautiful universe.

The project started in 2006. Students of Nihon Fukushi University are major contributors, and DARTS scientists and staffs are also the members of this project.

Dynamic Universe with X-ray (ASCA)

Audio Visuals
Pulsar Her X-1 Plot
Birth of stars
Massive blackhole
(X-ray energy into tone)
X-ray events by 10 times faster
X-ray events in a real speed
the fastest jet in the Galaxy Plot
Most of the tools were coded by A.Miura, ISAS.,

Sound around the Earth (STP)

Geomagnetic index Kp for each 3 hours.
Audio Visuals
year 2003Listen! plot
year 2004Listen! plot
year 2005Listen! plot

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