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The Forefront of Space Science


February 18 updated

Development of Next Generation X-band Digital Transponder - Paving the Way to a New Era of Space Transportation

Transponder, life rope for space explorer traveling far away in space. Next generation transponder, which enables to communicate with explorer located five times the distance between the Sun and earth, is under development for debut.

(ISAS News: December 2003 issue)

January 05 updated

New Aspects of Magnetosphere Dynamicse

IWhat strategy will they use to investigate space plasma, a world outside the bounds of common sense? How do they plan to overcome the difficulties and achieve the “perfect observation of the key areas”?

(ISAS News: November 2003 issue)

October 01 updated

Search for Life in Space, See Space in Life -Theme of Biological Sciences in Space- Masamichi Yamashita, ISAS

Under the themes of "Search for life in space," "Sensation of Mars meteorites", "Space/gravitational biology of amphibians", and others, we talk about the exploration of extraterrestrial life and life with different principle!

(ISAS News: September 2003 issue)