Welcome to Ebisawa Laboratory

Message from the staff

We welcome applications for post-doc research positions hosted by our group. Both Prof. Ebisawa and Dr. Tsujimoto spent a long time as researchers in the US and in the Switzerland. We are fully aware that the post-doc period is the most important time in a research career to become independent. We also understand that post-doc researchers are a powering source of research activities in a research group. We expect post-docs to pursue their own science by him or herself. However, we will provide sufficient help if you aim to expand your field of research beyond the theme of your Ph.D. thesis or to gain experience in Japan. We will offer environment in which you can focus entirely on your research, so that you can produce as many papers as possible for future applications to permanent positions. We also accept graduate students for summer programs, etc.

The Institute of Space and Aeronautics Science (ISAS) is a unique research organization in the world. In the same building, we have groups that conduct observations in the X-ray, infrared, and radio wave bands and explorations into solar system bodies. Besides, we daily operate satellites, calibrate onboard detectors, construct data archives, and develop future instruments. A concentration of information regarding these activities cannot be found elsewhere. In our research group, we put emphasis on follow-up observations using ground-based telescopes in addition to satellite observations. You can get involved in any of the activities at ISAS.

The table below lists the post-doc researchers and summer program students that we have hosted or are hosting currently.

Name Period Origin Program
Yasuharu Sugawara 2016/4- Chuo Univ. JAXA staff
Nakagawa, Yujin, E. 2013/4-2016/3 Waseda Univ. JAXA
Liu, Jia 2012/6-2012/8 Columbia University NSF
Sameshima, Hiroaki 2012/4-2015/3 Univ. of Tokyo JSPS
Eze, Romanus 2011/7-2012/3 Nigeria National Univ. JSPS

We do not have any summer school or post-doc programs of our own lab. However, we can find many opportunities such as follows. If you are thinking for application, please let us know.