Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Ongoing Missions

Venus Meteorology Satellite AKATSUKI

Exploring the Venusian Atmosphere

Release:2010 / Runtime :12m08s

Solar Observation Satellite HINODE

Solar Physics Satellite "HINODE"

Release:2007 / Runtime :5m18s

X-ray Astronomy Satellite SUZAKU

Given a New Life to Meet Challenges of X-ray Astronomy

Release:2005 / Runtime :13m29s

Earth's Magnetosphere Observation Satellite GEOTAIL

Mission to the Earth's Magnetotail

Release:1994 / Runtime :14m44s

Aurora Observation Satellite AKEBONO


Release:1989 / Runtime :19m24s

Completed Missions

Asteroid Explorer HAYABUSA

The Great Challenges of "HAYABUSA"

Release:2008 / Runtime :21m26s

Infrared Astronomy Satellite AKARI

Probing Newborn Stars and Galaxies

Release:2006 / Runtime :11m12s

Mars Explorer NOZOMI

NOZOMI Japanese First Mission to Mars

Release:1999 / Runtime :26m05s

Radio Astronomy Satellite HALCA

From Deep Space

Release:1998 / Runtime :30m43s

X-RAY Astronomy Satellite ASCA

X-RAY Astronomy Satellite ASCA

Release:1993 / Runtime :25m02s

Solar Observation Satellite YOHKOH


Release:1992 / Runtime :24m50s

Lunar Swing-by Satellite HITEN


Release:1990 / Runtime :20m05s

about ISAS

Welcome to ISAS

Release:2009 / Runtime :20m49s

Welcome to ISAS for kids

Release:2009 / Runtime :15m13s

about Rocket

M-V To the frontiers of space

Release:1997 / Runtime :47m32s

Japan's Rocket Development Initiatives

Release:2004 / Runtime :19m40s

Goal of Future Space Transpotation

Release:2004 / Runtime :20m52s


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