Activity (2) Research on Lunar and Planetary Exploration

1. 'Landing where it is desired to land' --- Novel Landing Technique

Appollo spacecrat landed on the Moon surface in 1969. 40 years after this significant achievement, novel landing technique marks attetions to researchers. It is technique called as Smart landing. It consists of

  • Navigation relative to planetary surface,
  • Detection of obstacles such as rocks, holes.

As a part of this activity, now we propose the small demonstrator called as SLIM (Smart Lander for Investigating Moon).

Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM)
SLIM bus module



2. Achievement in Past

Our lab has intensively studied the topics related to space exploration


    SELENE-B was the Moon landing experiment which was proposed as successor of SELENE project. SELENE-B proposal now becomes larger scale SELENE-2 proposal. At SELENE-B proposal, we designed GNC (Guidance, Navigation, and Control) and Propulsion subsystem.


    MUSES-C is asteroid sample return experiment mission. We contributed to the development of sample collector (Patented), and target marker (artificial 'light house' for safe touch down of spacecraft).


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