Activity (1) Research on Flight Vehicles

1. Toward Space Plane as Future Space Transportation

Our lab. incorparated with our members in JAXA and Universities, demonstrator utilizing high altitude balloon is now on study. We plan to conduct flight test of Mach 2 vehicle in 2008, and Mach 5 vehicle in near future.

Flight Test Bed for Mach 2
Flight Test Bed for Mach 5



2. Development of Microgravity System

As an application of vehicle research, we develop the microgravity system based on balloon. Vehicle drops from the high altitude balloon, to conduct the microgravity experiment. Still, without any control, air drag will result in the disturbance. So, at our vehicle, microgravity unit 'flys' inside the vehicle. Attitude and Lateral position of the vehicle are controlled not to collide with the internal microgravity unit by utilizing 16 gas jet thrusters. We have conducted 2 flight experiments successfully, and the successive flight tests are planned.

Sequence of Event



Vehicle and Mirogravity experiment unit



picture from flight #2
(Altitude aprox. 41km)
vehicle just after splash down


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