Research Activities
1. Research on Flight Vehicles  

Space plane is one of the most promising candidates of the future space transportation because of its surperior mechanical environment and abortability. We study the key technologies to realize the space plane.
Also, as an application of the research fruits, we develop the microgravity experiment vehicle which drops from the high-altitude balloon.

2. Research on Lunar and Planetary Exploration


Mainly, guidance, navigation and control for landing cpacecraft is studied. To achieve 'landing where it is desired to land', pin-point landing technique and obstacle detecion technique are studied.
As a demonstrator of these techniques, we now propose the Lunar landing experiment, which we call 'SLIM' (Smart Lander for Investigating Moon).


3. Research on Propulsion Subsystem of spacecraft  

Uesugi lab. (our antecedent Lab.) and our lab. have developed almost all propulsion subsystem of Japanese scientific satellite. With this experience, we keep studing novel propulsion subsystems, and have proposed to each science satellite projects.



4. Research on Small Satellite System  

To reduce the cost of satellite development drastically, we study the small satellite with moduled bus platform.