What is Kimission?

"Kimission" is an experience-based educational program for high school students held in Sagamihara campus of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). High school students make teams and create one mission with their teammates.

Characteristic of Kimission

There is no decided curriculum

Even staffs don't know what missions will be like. Staffs also make missions with high school students.

Attentive support of graduate students

Over twice as many graduate students as applicants take part in "Kimission" administration. Researchers in Sagamihara campus of JAXA also help making missions.

You can see how Kimission is from pictures.

How to join Kimission?

We accept applications for enrollment from April to June. Applicants are limited to high school students, including students corresponding grades in technical colleges. Application guideline is published on the web around April. If you would like to know in detail, please look at the application guideline page or contact to the office.