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HINODE Operation Remarks 0039

window for HOP 188 ToO operation: Joint Solar Flare Observations with ROSA and IBIS



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-   run in response to Max Millenium DST Flare Campaign alert which will indicate increased probability for flares of GOES class C5 or greater; observing slot 14:30 UT to 18:30 UT for DST coordination; possible running of this HOP in the weeks beginning 11th and 18th March

- EIS telemetry allocation be increased from 15% to 30% during HOP 188 runs; SOT allocation: 55%; XRT Allocation: 15% (unchanged)

A request for increased EIS telemetry allocation must be made to the SOT team no later than the first daily meeting for each Hinode planning period e.g. Monday morning JST for Tuesday upload.

Members of the proposing group would be observing at DST in the periods 2nd to 10th March and 16th to 25th March, making these preferred observing intervals in the event of suitable flare activity.

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