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HOP 0328

Support for ALMA Cycle 4/5 Observations (generic)

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 name : Kobelski @  e-mail : adam.kobelski[at]uah.edu

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Savage @  e-mail : sabrina.savage[at]nasa.gov

 abstract of observational proposal
Main Objective:
A HOP to support ALMA observations in cycle 4 for those proposers that do not have their own specific HOP request.

Scientific Justification:
The Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) has recently accepted 15 proposals to observe the Sun in Band 3 and Band 6 during cycle 4 (observing from ~September 2016 ~ September 2017). These observations will provide high-resolution (~1-2", 2s cadence) observations of the solar chromosphere. The observations will cover an array of different science topics encompassing this region, where ALMA can serve as a sort of linear thermometer to probe these regions. Here we propose a set of generic observations for those studies, which do not make specific requests to Hinode.

 request to SOT
(primary) SP fast maps 60"x60" FOV --- 11.25 minute/map ~225 MBits/hr

 request to XRT
XRT: Observations will vary based on target and telemetry and consist of:
- AR: Al-poly & thin-Be, better than 3 mins cadence, FoV: 128h x128h
- QR: Al-mesh & thin-Be, better than 3 mins cadence, FoV: 128h x128h
- Limb: Al-mesh & thin-Be, better than 3 mins cadence, FoV: 128h x128h
- Filters will be adjusted to accommodate current instrument and solar conditions

 request to EIS
60"x60" wide Maps with the 2" slit of low coronal lines. Input from EIS team about appropriate support observation encouraged.

 other participating instruments
Discussion with Bart De Pontieu, who recommends:
3620008063 | Medium dense 96-step raster 31.35x60 96s Deep x 8 | 912.38 | 661.89 | 0.5 | 9.5+/-0.1 | 912+/-0 | 38.0+/-0.0 | 38.0+/-0.0 | 38.0+/-0.0 | 38.0+/-0.0

Tenerife as timing and weather allows

Dates: TBD - As many as 13 of these proposals may be observed from December 8-28 (weather and instrument dependent), with those remaining after the 28th to be observed from April 14 - 29, when the array is again in the correct configuration for those observations. 1 or 2 proposals will be observed from Jan 3 - Feb 1, and 1 or 2 proposals will be observed from March 1 - April 4. Details on the exact timings of the observations will be relayed as soon as possible.

Time Window:
Observations will take place during ALMA day:
13 ~ 20 UT in December 13:30 ~ 19:30 UT otherwise

Target(s) of interest: There are a variety of desired targets for this HOP, and it is understood that instruments may need to adjust their observing accordingly.

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