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HOP 0068

WHI ToO #1: Active Regions

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 name : Leamon @  e-mail : robert.j.leamon[at]nasa.gov

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Sterling @  e-mail : alphonse.sterling[at]nasa.gov

 abstract of observational proposal
To obtain multi-wavelength imaging and spectroscopic observations before, during and after any solar flares that may occur during the IHY Whole Heliosphere Interval (WHI;  Carrington Rotation 2068: March 20 - April 16, 2008).

The global objective is to make a detailed study of the response of the solar chromosphere, transition region and corona in and around an active region, to the constantly-evolving magnetic field.  The manifestations of active regions extend from below the photosphere out through the solar atmosphere; and while flaring reconnection happens in the corona, its impact and influence extend down through the transition region and  chromosphere.  As such, we propose to probe those regions, and the interplay between the magnetic field and plasma motions (and magnetic and acoustic waves) and how these are affected by a solar flare.

 request to SOT
Hinode/SOT -- campaign contact: Scott McIntosh
SP: Fast Maps [0.3" spatial resolution]
1) Prior and after Observing Period Perform 100"X100" spectropolarimetric maps in Fe I 6301/6302.
2) During Observing Period perform 100"x100" repeated rastering of SP.

Alternating at 15s cadence
Ca II H (3968.5 Ang) full field (100"x100"), long exposure
Gband full field (100"x100").

Choice of -
o Fe I 6301 Ang. photospheric magnetograms at 10s cadence (100"x100").
o Na I 5890.6 Ang. chromospheric magnetograms at 10s cadence (100"x100") - comparison with MOTH II.
o H I 6562.8 Ang. line core at 5s cadence (100"x100") -- Fibrils/Mottles : Context for Ca II H.
o H I 6562.8 Ang. (+/- 800mA) Dopplergrams at 10s cadence (100"x100") -- Straws and Dynamic Spicules.
o H I 6562.8 Ang. (+/- 400mA) Dopplergrams at 10s cadence (100"x100") -- Straws and Dynamic Spicules.
o Na I 5890.6 Ang. Dopplergrams at 10s cadence (100"x100") - comparison with MOTH II.

 request to XRT
Hinode/XRT -- campaign contacts: Alphonse Sterling, and currrent XRT-CO.
Filters: Al/poly (8 sec exposure), Ti/Poly (16 sec exposure)
Cadence: ~30 sec cadence.
FOV: 250"x250" centered on target region [capture aspects of global connectivity].
Context: Al/poly (2048x2048, 2x2 binned), 5 thin Be (768"x384" 23sec) every ~30 minutes.
Note: In the case of an active region on the sun, the long exposures can be replaced by multiple short exposures.

 request to EIS
Hinode/EIS -- campaign contacts: David Williams and Alphonse Sterling
A combination of the 2" slit study CMEO_SLIT_STUDY and the slot (40" wide slit) study CMEO_SLOT_STUDY. These studies are designed to observe CME eruptions and related phenomena.

 other participating instruments
Ground-based instruments (synoptic observations).
(Consult web page for further details.)

Observation Time Period:
When targets are available, likely 1600 - 2000 UT or 2000 - 2400 UT.  See main
campain page for details and updates.

Further Details:
More details can be found at the following page: http://ihy2007.org/WHI/WHI.shtml
(especially under "targeted observing plans").

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