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HOP 0061

CORE: Long Duration Studies of Equatorial Coronal Holes

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 name : Savcheva, Miralles, Cirtain @  e-mail : asavchev[at]cfa.harvard.edu

contact person in HINODE team

 name : Savcheva @  e-mail : asavchev[at]cfa.harvard.edu

 abstract of observational proposal
This is a follow-on study to the investigations of Jets in polar coronal holes.  We propose to follow low latitude coronal holes from near disk center to the west limb. Combined SOT, XRT and EIS observations are needed near disk center to accurately measure the magnetic field evolution that leads to coronal jets and (with luck) the line-of-sight velocity of the jets in several lines. Following the CH from the disk to the limb will allow for detail comparison with the polar jets and at the limb. We will have joint observations with SOHO UVCS.

A primary goal is to observe to observe the jet from initiation through decay in all three Hinode instruments.

 request to SOT
SP magnetograms with high sensitivity to weak magnetic fields. Context images that will allow for alignment between SOT, EIS and XRT. While pointed at the limb, we also request Ca IIH images at no less than 30 sec cadence.

 request to XRT
The thermal and velocity structure of the jets are key. We will need sufficient counts to develop statistics, so maybe a short (50h) sparse raster with the 2h slit would be useful. We suggest 30--45 sec exposures.

 request to EIS
Mostly high cadence Al_poly with Ti_poly in context. Other images as needed for co-alignment (G-band full disk).

 other participating instruments

Two observation periods are being considered:
Target 1    Jan  04.88-08.67 (meridian and disk)
Target 1    Jan  11.70-15.49 (West Limb)
Target 2    Jan  10.49-14.28 (meridian and disk)
Target 2    Jan  17.31-21.10  (West Limb)

We are requesting four days of observation on the disk (~12hr/day) and four days of observation at the limb (~ 12hr/day). Standard synoptic and engineering data can be taken during this program.

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